Greetings to all Pledge signers,

Thank you for your support of the hunger strikers. As you may have heard, the hunger strike began on July 8 with California 30,000 imprisoned people refusing to eat. Hundreds of media outlets have been covering this historic event.

The California Department of Corrections and ‘Rehabilitation’ (CDCr) has begun to retaliate against the vocal spokespeople for the hunger strikers, who are located in Pelican Bay and Corcoran State Prisons. Our Pledge of Resistance Alert today will focus on the extreme brutality of prison authorities against the Representatives of the hunger strikers, who are in Pelican Bay State Prison.

The CDCr is also trying to undermine legal and community support of the hunger strikers. They have just issued ‘banning’ orders to Marilyn McMahon, an attorney for many of the Reps in Pelican Bay, denying her access to her clients.

Most likely, prison officials will not be thrilled to get your phone calls and emails, so please be determined and polite in trying to send your phone and email messages. Whether you get a voice or a voice mail, they will know you are watching them, and want them to Stop the Torture.

On July 11, PBSP prison authorities removed 14 prisoner Representatives from their solitary confinement (SHU) cells and placed them in Administrative Segregation (Ad Seg) cells which are even worse than the SHU. The hunger strikers, many of whom are elder men and have severe chronic illnesses, are dressed in summer clothing, but the CDC has turned on air conditioning full blast, leaving some of the men sick and freezing.

Meanwhile, the prison officials have raided their SHU cells and confiscated their legal materials, including attorney-client protected documents pertaining to their highly publicized federal class action lawsuit against the state of California (Ruiz v. Brown).

“On July 11, 2013, we were placed in Administrative Segregation (Ad-Seg), where we are subjected to more tortuous conditions than in the SHU. Despite this diabolical act on the part of CDCR intended to break our resolve and hasten our deaths, we remain strong and united! We are 100% committed to our cause and will end our peaceful action when the CDCR signs a legally binding agreement meeting our demands.”

Governor Brown has been completely silent on the hunger strike while it has gained international news attention. He is now taking a vacation in Europe, visiting, among other places, Dachau concentration camp in Germany, and promoting California’s environmental advancements to selected European audiences.

Tell the PBSP prison authorities to return the 14 prisoner Representatives to their cells. (Their names and prison numbers are at the end of this email.)
Return all their property, especially the legal documents guards have confiscated.
Lift the ban on their attorney, Marilyn McMahon, so that she can again access her clients.
Medically monitor the men to ensure that the prison has not destroyed their health!

1. Contact Pelican Bay Warden Gregory Lewis:
*** phone: 707-465-1000 x5001
*** email:

2. Copy to Dr. Jeffrey Beard, Secretary of CDCR
*** phone: 916-323-6001 (alternatively 916-445-5073)
*** fax: 916-442-2637
*** letter: Dr. Jeffrey Beard, Secretary CDCR, 1515 S Street, 5th Floor;
Sacramento, California 94283

3. Copy to Assistant Warden at Pelican Bay, Rawland Swift
*** phone: 465-1000 x6254
*** email:

4. Back up: Public Information Officer at PBSP Christopher Acosta
*** office phone: 707-465-9040
*** cell phone: 707-951-0350

1. Todd Ashker C58191
2. Arturo Castellanos C17275
3. Sitawa/ R.N Dewberry C35671
4. Antonio Guillen P81948
5. Danny Troxell B76578
6. George Franco D46556
7. Ronnie Yandell V27927
8. Paul Redd, Jr. B72683
9. James Baridi Williamson D34288
10. Alfred Sandoval D61000
11. Louis Powell B59864
12. Alex Yrigollen H32421
13. Gabriel Huerta C80766
14. Frank Clement D07919

Please write to the Reps.* Include one sheet of paper, one envelope and one loose stamp so they can write someone outside the walls. You can address your letter with the person’s name & prison number; Pelican Bay State Prison/SHU; PO Box 7500. Crescent City, 95532.
*Mr. Arturo Castellanos may not be able to receive your letter. He’s on ‘restricted mail,’ by the prison authorities.

Thank you so much for your solidarity,
Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition: Pledge of Resistance work group
(for more info,


  1. Thanks for posting this! You have the most solution to this harrowing public safety problem. If the U.S. treats it’s prisoners with disregard, and nothing is done about it, the general public is tainted.

  2. The govnr isnt going to budge for now, he’s had his fill of inmates with the prison medical issues & the judges etc., he probably has a personal vendetta against them now…the only other Suits in Sacramento that have more than a glimpse of the injustices going on with this is T. Ammiano & public safety commitee, we need to bombarde them so they will speak up. Maybe they will feel guilty since they dropped the ball after the hearrings and blew a chance to make any substantial changes !!

  3. Unfortunately Governor MONSTER Brown is out of town. He run away from the headache. I regret giving him my precious vote.

  4. Does anyone know a journo who could ask Obama a question about this on camera? It would REALLY bring attention to their plight. I am a friend of Todd Ashker’s and NONE of the people in solitary confinement should be there – it is an inhumane, medieval form of torture, not imprisonment- they are off the streets, paying for their crimes, there is no need to add torture to men who are not all violent – some, like Todd, are in solitary because they are leaders and will not meekly stand back and accept the torture inflicted upon all of them. He tells people about their rights and fights for rights for himself and others, so he is locked away where he can have as little contact with the world as possible, held for at lest eight years beyond his parole date, yet, he still managed to help get all of this underway! Voices like his, that tell the truth, will NOT BE SILENCED! Jewels

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  6. Reblogged this on Noisy and Quiet and commented:
    Please see the first Pledge of Resistance Emergency Alert and send an email, letter or make a phone call to tell the Pelican Bay Warden and Assistant Warden and CDCR Secretary Jeffrey Beard what you think about the torturous conditions of the hunger strike reps.

  7. From Guantanamo Bay to Pelican Bay, Amerikkka now stands for a police state of brutality, sadism and torture. Remove Todd Ashker and the 14 from solitary and immediately end these outrageous gulag conditions. The world is watching California, Jerry Brown, Barack Obama!
    in sol
    John Gilberts

  8. I would also include Eric Holder and the Department of Justice in your correspondence: U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

  9. I just wish that everyone would take five minutes out of their day to read the five demands because they are not out of this world, what they are asking for is simple and to the point. I just cant believe that C.D.C.R. along with our wonderful Jerry Brown cant come to some kind of agreement and end this hunger strike I haven’t been amazed in a long time but this is just unbelievable.
    Debbie Padilla Sacramento California

  10. I just called all four of the Prison contacts listed above. I was able to leave a message with a person or on voice mail for each, except for #3. I was informed that Rawland Swift is not at that #. Also, the area code was left off that number and it took me a minute to figure out that it’s 707, so you may want to make sure you include that area code for each number that the concerned public should call. Thank you very much for your work!

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  12. I’m having a candlelight service for all the inmates who are our uncles, brothers, dads, friends, our familys at 4th street park in Modesto, CA on Saturday Aug 24th at dusk if anyone cares to help support the inmates, our families!

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