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    FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 4pm
    300 South Spring Street, Los Angeles 90013

    Tens of thousands of people imprisoned in the US are being subjected to torturous, inhumane conditions. Many are:

    Held in long term solitary confinement; locked in tiny, windowless, sometimes sound proof, cells; cut off from fresh air and sunlight for 22-24 hours every day and given small portions of food that lack basic nutritional requirements.
    Denied human contact and violently taken from their cells for petty violations.
    Put in solitary arbitrarily, often because of accusations for being members of prison gangs based on dubious evidence, with no way to challenge the decisions of prison authorities to place them in solitary.

    Many are forced to endure these conditions for months, years and even decades! Mental anguish and trauma often result from being confined under these conditions. Locking people down like this amounts to trying to strip them of their humanity.

    These conditions fit the international definition of torture! This is unjust, illegitimate and profoundly immoral. WE MUST JOIN IN AN EFFORT TO STOP IT, NOW!

    People imprisoned at Pelican Bay State Prison in California have called for a Nationwide Hunger Strike to begin on July 8, 2013. They have also issued a call for unity among people from different racial groups, inside and outside the prisons. People who are locked down in segregation units of this society’s prisons, condemned as the “worst of the worst,” are standing up against injustice, asserting their humanity in the process. We must have the humanity to hear their call, and answer it with powerful support!

    A nationwide and worldwide struggle needs to be launched NOW to bring an end to this widespread torture before those in the prisons are forced to take the desperate step of going on hunger strikes and putting their lives on the line!
    ​ ​
    To the Government: We Demand an Immediate End to the Torture and Inhumanity of Prison House America – Immediately Disband All Torture Chambers. Meet the Demands of Those You Have Locked Down In Your Prisons!

    To People in this Country and Around the World: We Cannot Accept, and We Should Not Tolerate This Torture. Join the Struggle to End Torture in Prisons Now!

    To Those Standing Up in Resistance Inside The Prisons: WE SUPPORT YOUR CALL FOR UNITY IN THIS FIGHT, AND WE WILL HAVE YOUR BACKS!

    June 21, 22 and 23 Will Be Days of Solidarity With the Struggle to End Prison Torture! There will be protests, cultural events, Evenings of Conscience, sermons in religious services, saturation of social media – all aimed at laying bare the ugly reality of widespread torture in US prisons and challenging everyone to join in fighting to STOP it. _____ Please add my name to the statement.

    Name ______________________________ eMail _________________________ Phone___________________

    Affiliation ___________________________________________________________________________________
    **Institutional affiliation is for identification purposes only and does not imply endorsement

    SO CAL CONTACT: 213-840-5348 ~
    NATIONAL CONTACT: 347-979-SMIN (7646) ~ ~

    Signers (in formation) of the Emergency Call!:

    Bah Abdourahmane; Ron Ahnen, California Prison Focus; Gbenga Akinnagbe, actor and director; All Of Us Or None members: Sundiata (Willie) Tate, Manuel La Fontaine, Sheila Blake, Dorsey Nunn, Marilyn Austin-Smith, Elder R. Freeman, Oakland; Rafael Angulo, Clinical Associate Professor, USC School of Social Work; Yejide Ankobia, Red Clay Yoga; Larry Aubry, Advocates for Black Strategic Alternatives; Mike Avila; Nellie Hester Bailey, Occupy Harlem; Tim Baldauf-Lenschen, student activist, University of Maryland; Mike Baldwin, SF Bay Area activist; Fanya Baruti, Formerly Incarcerated and Convicted People’s Movement; Elizabeth Bell; Joe Berry, Coalition of Contingent Academia Labor/ New Faculty Majority*; Brooke Bischoff, Prescott College*; Diane Blackburn, a citizen of the United States – a human being on the planet Earth; Rev. Dr. Dorsey O. Blake, Presiding Minister, The Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples, S.F. CA; Uncle Bobby, Oscar Grant Foundation/Committee; Brian Bonne; Blase Bonpane, Ph.D., Director OFFICE OF THE AMERICAS; Kwan Booth, Journalist, Oakland CA; Paula Brookes; Brandon Brown, El Cerrito CA; Felice Brown, Glen Burnie MD; Ashley Burks, NYU student; Attorney John Burris, Oakland CA; Rev. Richard Meri Ka Ra Byrd, KRST Unity Center Of Afrakan Spiritual Science, LA; CAL Football* Players – Alejandro Crosthwaite, Khairi Fort, and Richard Rodgers, Berkeley; Kirstie Campbell, University of Hawaii-Manoa Student; Susan Carey, New York;Susan Castagnetto, lecturer, Scripps College*, So. Cal; M.J. Christian, Los Angeles; Lauren Clifford, Green Party of California; Marjorie Cohn, Professor, Thomas Jefferson School of Law and editor, “The United States and Torture: Interrogation, Incarceration, and Abuse”; Marie Colin; Solomon Comissiong, Executive Director, Your World News; Andres Thomas Conteris, Nonviolence International*; Antonio Corona, Brown Beret National Organization; Lloyd Cox, Oakland; Matt Courter; Marion Crawford, advocate against Injustice, Louisville KY: Randy Credico, impressionist and social comedian; Alejandro Crosthwaite, Cal Football* player; Alvin Crown, Earth Human, Johanna Cummings, Rochester NY; Chuck D, Public Enemy*; Petr Dann, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin; Earle Davis, Artist/Musician, Berkeley, California; Colin Dayan, Vanderbilt University*; Renee Delgado, Mother of a prisoner in California state prison (fighting to STOP IT); Stephanie Demos; Rachael Denny, Fellowship Of Reconciliation*; Noche Diaz, Revolution Club NYC, and Stop Mass Incarceration Network; Melvin Dickson, former Black Panther Party member; Roger Dittmann; Carl Dix, Revolutionary Communist Party; Kunsu Drabic; Dianne Durham, Publicist – Out of Bounds*, Oakland; Nick Egnatz, Veterans For Peace*, Munster IN; Sand Fessler, RAW {Rochester Against War}, & Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars; Ever Ivan Florez, A Victim of CDC; Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report; Khairi Fort, Cal Football*; Claudia Frantz, Rio Linda; Joel “Phresh” Freeman, Graffiti Artist, Oakland; Pamela Fruge; Bob Gorringe, Codepink*; Peter Gunther, Chicago IL; Chris Gwartney, Monterey CA; Margaret Haule, Community Activist; Robyn Hewitt, Las Vegas NV; Nicholas Heyward Sr., father of Nicholas Heyward Jr., who was murdered by the NYPD in 1994; Hip, UC Berkeley*; Mike Holman, Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund*; Leslie Howard, Baltimore MD;Matthew Hunter; Foluke Jose, Cal State University, Northridge*; Steven Joy, UCLA*; Noel Juan, Music Director, San Francisco; Beth Kasner; Robin D. G. Kelley, Professor of American History, UCLA*; Kevin Keresey, Filmmaker; Karen Kirschling, San Francisco; Gregory Koger, a revolutionary communist who was imprisoned as a youth and spent many years in solitary confinement; Wayne Kramer, Jail Guitar Doors USA; David Kunzle, Distinguished Professor, UCLA* Emeritus; James Lafferty, Executive Director, National Lawyers Guild / Los Angeles; Jonathan Laks, Santa Monica, CA; Michael Lange, Actor, Oakland; Verbena Lea, Redwood Curtain CopWatch, Peoples’ Action for Rights and Community; Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, San Francisco (organizational endorsement); Clarence Leonard; Stanley Lewis;Katie Lindsey; Angelina Llongueras, member of the San Francisco Revolutionary Poet Brigade; Cadelba Lome Li’ Loibl, Registered Nurse; Lucia Lopez, IL Prison Advocate- Matters to Us; B.M. Marcus, Community Director, Community Advocate and Development Organization, Brooklyn; Martha, Berkeley, California; Dr. Antonio Martinez, Institute for Survivors of Human Rights Abuses* and co-founder of the Marjorie Kovler Center for the Treatment of Survivors of Torture*; Chris Martinez, Los Angeles; Mark Matthews; Ryan McAllister; Ken McCormick,Advocate in opposition of prison (criminal enterprise) industrial complex; Cynthia McKinney, former Congresswoman & 2008 Presidential Candidate for the Green Party; Erma McKinney; James McKinney, Instructor, City College of San Francisco; Marilyn McMahon, California Prison Focus*; Christa Meyer, Monterey; David Meyerhof; James Miles; Natasha Mohammed, Travis Morales, Stop Mass Incarceration Network; Samsarah Morgan; Jacob Muehlbauer, Austin, TX; Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Director, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture*, and author, The Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime, and the Making of Modern Urban America; Sherri Maurin,; Luke Nephew, New York; Efia Nwangaza, Malcolm X Center for Self Determination, Greenville, SC; T.S. O’Sullivan, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Katherine O’Toole, Oakland; Kathleen D. Olsson, KPFA Radio*, Oakland; Oscar Grant Foundation (organizational endorsement); Joseph V.A. “Joe” Partansky, MBA, Former U.S. Army Mental Health Specialist and current advocate for persons with mental disabilities; Aidge Patterson, artist and activist, New York; Brian Pike, Universal Life Church Rabbi; Veronica G. Powers M.D.; Prison Watch Network (organizational endorsement); Mary Prophet, Educator, Oakland; Laura Pulido, Professor, American Studies & Ethnicity, USC*;Belinda Ramos, son serving life in a California State Prison; Mary Ratcliff, SF Bay View; Larry Redmond, Chicago; Rev. George F. Regas, Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace (ICUJP)*; Aleister Ren, revolutionary, poet, and musician; Roman Rimer; Joyce Robbins, Asst. Professor of Sociology, Touro College*; Richard Rodgers, Cal Football*; Angelika Roll, Berlin; Steven Rood, Attorney, Oakland; Jeremy Royer; Temitope S, So Cal; Andreas Tietz; Karen Saari, Bodega, CA; San Francisco Bay View, national Black newspaper (organizational endorsement); Natasha Salgado; Elizabeth Sanchez, East Bay Community Law Center*, Berkeley, California; Marlene Sanchez; Donna Schall; Peter Schey, President, Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law*; Helen Schietinger, Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition (TASSC, International); Witness Against Torture; Roger Scott, Member, AFT Local 2121; J. Tony Serra, Lawyer, SF; Susan Severin;Mansoor Shah; Zadik Shapiro, Attorney; Cindy Sheehan; Sheila, New York; Gary Shrader, social worker, New York; John Galbraith Simmons, medical writer and author; Dyne Suh, Los Angeles; Dan Siegel, National Lawyers Guild*; Peter Smith; Social Justice Committee(of the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists*); Tora Spigner, RN, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center*, Planned Parenthood-Shasta/Diablo*, Mother’s Love Doula Services*; Lavelle Spitz, Independent hip hop artist/humanitarian in training; Michael Stocks, Film technician; Dyne Suh, Los Angeles; Debra Sweet, Director, World Can’t Wait; Nick Szuberla, Nation Inside*; Martha Teklu; Temitope S, So. Cal; Prof. Edgar L Torres, Latino Educational Association*, City College of San Francisco*; Evelin Avila Torres, UCSC*; Crystal Tovar, Chico CA; Troy Troyer, Retired on Social Insecurity; John Turok, Occupy Oakland*; Michael Treece, San Francisco; Scott Trent, Guilford County, NC October 22nd Coalition; Troy Troyer; Luis Valdez, Founding Artistic Director, El Teatro Campesino, CA; Jeremy Varon, longtime anti-GTMO activist; Louis Vitale, O.F.M.; Patty Villasenor; Jim Vrettos, Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice*; Will Walke, Oakland; Krystle Washington, Washington DC; Arianna Wassmann, Stanford University student; Corey Weinstein, M.D., San Francisco Correctional Medical Consultant; Arinna Weisman, Buddhist Insight Meditation teacher and minister; Liza Wendt, retired teacher; Cornel West, author, educator, voice of conscience; Hilda Wilcox; Robin Woerner, New Haven; Clyde Young, revolutionary communist and former prisoner.

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  20. …. Hello

    Wanting to start this with friend’s and family and hopefully more support will follow. My uncle was recently released from pelican bay about 1 month ago….. did time in the shu…enjoying the time were spending together…. but excited about our adventure together in making all the facts aware to the public….

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