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To get in contact with Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition,

or call 510.426.5322

  If you want to get involved with California Families Against Solitary Confinement (CFASC): call 714-290-9077

30 thoughts on “Contact us!

  1. Help me to help a good brother! he is in red onion and now in solitary on a hunger strike.I need legal help for him.his crime/ his roomate had too many razors and admitted they were his not my friends’.he is under the most racist demons i have ever see.I am a (past)volunteer with the Kairos Prison Ministry so I know how it is inside.
    How do I go about helping my friend? he is a wonderful,intelligent man and his tormentors cannot stand his being happy.He has been singled out to be punished.He was recently transferred from WallensRidge where they nearly killed him.

  2. I’m trying to email the email addresses listed on this forum but they are not valid. I wanted to be updated regarding the hunger strike.

  3. I want readers to contact me immediately. I have a plan for action which I’d like to share with activists in confidence. It is designed to get us up off of our knees respecting what the hunger strikers’ aims are, and secure significant reins of power for humane citizens. Designed to circumvent the need to beg disingenuous career politicians to do the right thing. I’ve been in touch with your “colleagues” in the Bay Area (where I’m located), and everyone’s too busy, prematurely dismissing what I have to offer. Contact me at ASAP. I’d be willing to travel to southern CA to meet “in private” with trustworthy activists, if invited to do so. We can talk on the phone once you’ve emailed me. Gracias, Marcelle, Ricardo, R. Blair et alia

  4. Many family members have stated to me the injustice that many our brothers face in the prison system, many family members do not know that there sons, husbands, cousins, brothers are in the hunger strike and we need to let it be known that they are facing injustice in our California prisons. There are prisoners in Tehacahpi State Prison that are in the hunger strike for solidarity they started as of July 8, 2013. I wanted to spread the word out to the community that its happening in this prison. lets let there voices be heard, we have the power to do so…
    We as a human race have to unite together and support each other to the injustice that our prisoners face.

    • Hello Margarita
      My name is Maria Ochoa, I am a reporter with telemundo network news
      Ian working on a piece about the hunger strike and would like to talk to you
      Please email me your information and the best way to reach you so I can explain better what am looking for and see if you are interested
      Thanks a lot
      Maria ochoa

  5. sandra ellis who has abrother in pelican bay state prison in the shu and has been their for 29 years and we want do to as much as we can to help the prisoners get to be treated like they are human, and not just a cell number with a body so lord stand with my brother, and all the prisoners and their families while this movements is heard throughout this world.have mercy on the people who can’t come together for sake of prisoners and there families i am located in the los angeles area.

  6. Margarita Camarena


  7. I think that we the family members should go on a hunger strike in front of the Governors office. I believe the family members hunger striking will certainly raise the awareness that we need.

  8. We must keep this action in the media….we must tell everyone we know, send out info about the prison system to leaders in our communities and build a network of people and groups that can make some changes in how people think about crime and punishment. Is there room for respectful attitudes towards those who are doing time? is it important for America to rehabilitate prisoners more than punish them? What good is torture?

  9. My brother is/was housed at Corcoran State Prison, I just found out that just as the hunger strike began, Corcoran shipped about 100 inmates from Corcoran to the new Folsom prison in Sacramento…why????? Corcoran did not allow the prisoners to take any of their personel property and stripped them down to just their boxers and soxs?? Does anyone know why they were transprted?/

  10. Please post Secretary’s Jeffrey Beards phone number again… he won’t get on the phone, but if you call in the evening… you can leave a voice message.
    We have to keep calling Gov Brown, Beard, Wardens and CDCR Hotline.

  11. Any word on what the results were of the hearings? My boyfriend has been in PBSP’s SHU for five years and partcipated in the hunger strikes he’s been dying to know if anything positive came out of the hearing?

  12. I’m not writing about the hunger strike but about the education programs in Folsom State Prison. I was contacted and told that the prisoners are going taking classes on line through NCCER and are being promised certificates upon completion but they are not getting them. They are being asked to forge paperwork and their social securities used for other purposes. Who can I can contact.

  13. Let’s ALLLLLLL of us together write a letter to Mrs. Michelle O’Bama. Her husband is a very busy man faced with a myriad of important issues but if you’ve ever watched them together, you can see how much he admires, adores, loves her. I wrote two letters to her last month, comparing solitary confinement to slavery, which should be against the law not part of it. Regardless of your feeling about our President, I know he cares about others. He was the first and only president to sit with prisoners and talk about their life, their suffering. Let’s do it, why not, it is she he trusts. It is he, who can make the changes. Let June 2016 be the month we see hope in action, together we can be loud and clear. Abolish Solitary Confinement Immeadiately! I also believe God cares, Hebrews 13:3 tells us to remember those in prison as if you were there yourself.

  14. I am publishing a documentary on the hunger strike it’s progress since prisoners were released to the main line and the progress on the end of hostilities manifest and I would like to know if I need permission to republish anything that was published in the Bayview newspaper?. Ronald Udale and Rena Rice who is the wife of Ronnie and Yandell V -27927 who was one of the hunger strike representative. Thank you

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