Families Fight Back!

The struggle for SHU (Security Housing Units) prisoner’s voices to be heard and humanity to be recognized has been immensely strengthened by families & community members speaking out on behalf of their loved ones inside. Loved ones and family members of SHU prisoners across CA & the West Coast/South West have been organizing press conferences, rallies, community events, fundraisers, speaking to reporters, writing letters & jamming phone lines as well as sharing invaluable information on the status and well-being of hunger strikers.

  • Watch videos and read letters and statements where prisoners’ family members discuss the impacts of the SHU on their families, and their loved one’s experiences.
  • Sign petitions written by Mayra and Jessica, both with loved ones in the SHU.

If you have a loved one locked up and would like to connect with other family members, check out Family Unity Network

If you’d like to send your loved one information on the hunger strike, check out our Resources page.

If you have experienced different issues while visiting your loved ones that you think are either petty, arbitrary or illegal (such as not being allowed to take documents into visiting, clothing hassles, or punitive regulations when prisoners can get bathroom breaks) read this action alert from Life Support Alliance and consider reporting the issue to the State Senate.

17 thoughts on “Families Fight Back!

    • The Senate Select Community Committee on California’s Correctional System, http://WWW.SSCCCCS.ORG is an organization of friends and realtives of SHU prisoners.
      We are a primarily, though not exclusively, a prior sovereign Mexican American National Minority organization.
      We believe Torture, Cruel and Unusua Punishement and Demeaning Treatment of California Prisoners belies the “Golden State” progressive image until such time SHU prisons are abolished.

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  4. I have a brother that has recently been validated . I am interested in creating awareness of this inhumane torture that the CDCR is doing to their SHU status inmates . I’m in the inland empire/ los Angeles area . My family wants to join the fight against this violation against these inmates . How do We do that ?

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  6. OMG!!!! I googled CDCR seeking a way to make a complaint and came across this. I never knew all this was going on. I live in Arizona but my son is incarcerated in California. I was elated to find this forum and delighted to join the movement.

  7. I have a brother who has been in the shu since 2004 and i would like to find out more info on setting up a rally in the bay area, we are from northern california and i know some people who are intrested in rallying to make a diffrence. i look forward to hearing from you soon . thanks in aadvacnce

  8. My Heart goes out to Inmates in solidarity
    confinement families ,wives, parents ,children PLEASE LORD HERE OUR CRY….I support hunger strike 2013

  9. August 13,2013 I am Sandra Ellis who’s brother is a inmate in pelican bay state prison who is one in the shu and also on the hunger strike who also was moved to the(ASU)administrative segreation unit, he has already lost 17-20 lbs and we as his family support this just for him to be able to call us once a month or every other we are her in altadena , california and can only visit when we take a short vacation and the weather permits us to travel to visit him, god please keep these men strong and let the department heads of these prisons have sympathy to help these men just a bit before to many lives are gone and someone will have to answer about these inhumane treatments one day. pelican bay state prison familys who are affected by this including myself stay strong god will take care of them . Randall please let me know you are ok as of today August 13,2013

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