Widespread Solidarity Actions on Day 1 of the Strike

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On day one of the strike, people all over the world organized non-violent actions in solidarity with the hunger strikers and in support of their five demands. In California, communities throughout the state mobilized in support of the hunger strikers. Banners flew over Bay Area freeways and vigils and rallies were held in Norwalk, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Crescent City. Protesters also gathered in international locations, such as London, England and Ottawa, Canada, where people wrote letters to prisoners in solitary confinement. Rallies took place in Portland, Oregon, outside of the Seattle County Jail, and outside of the Greenhill Juvenile Prison in Washington State. Inside the Greenhill facility, young men began a hunger strike and put forth their own set of demands.  Survivors of solitary confinement, families of those who are incarcerated, lawyers, advocates, community members and students began rolling solidarity fasts that are still going strong on the East and West Coasts.

These actions are a testament to the leadership of the strikers and demonstrate coordinated and resolute efforts to win the five demands.

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