Why Support

Prisoners’ resistance at Attica, September 1971

Supporting prisoner-led resistance throughout the state of CA or in any prison across the country is about supporting those who are living and fighting through the most expansive and sophisticated prison system in world history. The fact that people can resist at all from inside US prisons is a testament to the struggle of life against the forces of death and disappearance. This deserves our solidarity, dedication and support. Political Prisoner and organizer George Jackson, just before he was murdered by prison guards at San Quentin State Prison talked about the goal of prisoner resistance and solidarity, saying:

The point is…in the face of what we confront, to fight and win. That’s the real objective: not just to make statements, no matter how noble but to destroy the system that oppresses us. By any means available to us. And to do this, we must be connected, in contact and communication with those in struggle on the outside. We must be mutually supporting because we’re all in this together. It’s all one struggle at base.

Prisoner Organizing at Walpole State Prison (MA) in 1973. Image by Sanya Hyland

In upholding the legacy of George Jackson and many other prisoners, we understand that supporting the Pelican Bay prisoners is to be connected across the prison walls meant to disappear so many of our loved ones, friends and neighbors. We understand our support of the Pelican Bay prisoners to be connected to organizing a movement to end the US prison system which now cages millions of people. We understand our support to be connected to building a movement to end the imprisonment of immigrants and children. We understand our support to be connected to fighting against the devastation of communities from which so many prisoners are rounded up and imprisoned. We understand our support to be connected to combating the violence of policing. We see our support connected to the struggle for affordable housing, more jobs, better education, relevant and empowering programs for youth and formerly incarcerated people, sustainable health-care, and overall community self-determination.

Make sure to check out our Take Action! page for other ways to get involved and our Resources page for research, history, analysis and a list of organizations working on these issues

To contact the coalition, email: prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity@gmail.com

or call: 510. 426.5322

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