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PRISONERS ENDANGERED - Sacramento, Calif.— On Dec. 14, 2018, families of prisoners and supporters held a rally in front of the California Department of Corrections and rehabilitation’s (CDCr) headquarters against the CDCr-induced violence that many of their loved ones are experiencing. PROBLEM IS OF CDCr’s OWN MAKING The violent gang environment in prison was created in large part […]
Reportback from HEARING in Jorge Rico’s Case Against Sleep-Depriving Checks - Report on Jorge Rico Hearing by Charlie Hinton A number of hardy souls ventured to Sacramento on May 18, 2018 to a federal court hearing on CDCr’s motion to dismiss Jorge Rico’s suit opposing the every half hour Guard One “security/welfare checks” that take place in isolation units throughout the state. With Guard One, guards […]
REPORTBACK from Feb 8th Rally, Press Conference, and Court Solidarity To End Sleep Deprivation (w/ Photos & Video) - Court Update: Judge Challenges CDCR’s Use of Solitary Confinement and Sleep Deprivation Two lawsuits against CDCR for depriving prisoners of sleep are transferred to Coleman v Brown judge On Feb 8, 2018, Northern District Judge Vince Chhabria held a hearing on a motion by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to dismiss civil […]
“We have people that are only getting out of cell twice a month.” PRISONERS UNITED & SUPPORTERS DRAW ATTENTION TO ABUSIVE ISOLATION AND MEDICAL IN ALAMEDA CO. JAILS - Nearly one third of Glenn Dyer prisoners wrap up hunger strike By Lucas Guilkey  October 27, 2017 https://oaklandnorth.net/2017/10/27/nearly-one-third-of-glenn-dyer-prisoners-wrap-up-hunger-strike/ Last week, 125 prisoners at the Glenn Dyer Detention Facility in downtown Oakland—over 30 percent of the prisoners housed there—participated in a five-day hunger strike to protest what they say are abusive conditions of isolation and poor […]
PRISONERS UNITED IN SANTA CLARA COUNTY JAILS WIN 5 CORE DEMANDS & SACRIFICE 3 DAYS OF CUSTODY MEALS FOR THE HUNGRY - PRESS: JOSE (408) 661-2604 jose@siliconvalleydebug.org FAMILIES: BENEE (408) 529-5971 benee@siliconvalleydebug.org 10/25/17 Though a hunger strike in Santa Clara County jails could have been avoided after jail administrators agreed to meet the core demands during the week of October 16, 2017 — Prisoners United on every floor of the Main Jail and M-5 and M-8 lockdown […]
MILLIONS FOR PRISONERS HUMAN RIGHTS: Reportbacks, Videos, Links, Photos from Aug 19, 2017 - MILLIONS FOR PRISONERS HUMAN RIGHTS MARCH was called by prisoners to give voice to their demand: Get rid of the slavery clause in the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Amend the 13th! The 13th Amendment to the Constitution declared that “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party […]
“A swift salute to all of the supporters…” Statement from Folsom Prison ASU Hunger Striker, Anthony Estrada - Anthony Joel Estrada Media Release June 19, 2017 A swift salute to all of the supporters and those concerned with the ongoing fight to reform CDCR’s ASUs [Administrative Segregation Units]. On May 28, 2017, I was “special” transferred under a warden to warden agreement to D.V.I.’s ASU.  This was done as a retaliation for alerting […]
Towards Liberation! After 40 days, Palestinians suspend mass hunger strike in Israeli prisons - UPDATE: New details released on agreement to suspend Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike Read here http://samidoun.net/2017/05/breaking-palestinian-prisoners-suspend-hunger-strike-after-40-days-of-struggle/ May 26, 2017 — After 40 days of hunger strike, Palestinian prisoners have suspended their hunger strike and announced that they have achieved victory in their humanitarian demands, following 20 hours of negotiations between the strikers’ leadership and Israeli occupation prison […]
PRISONERS UNITED of Silicon Valley Thank Each Other & Supporters for a Largely Successful Hunger Strike Against Solitary Confinement - Read full article in SF Bay View (includes video from a TV interview with hunger striker inside the jail) January 25, 2017 by Mary Ratcliff In late September, prisoners in the Santa Clara County jails who are part of what they then called the Prisoners’ Human Rights Movement sent a letter to Sheriff Laurie Smith […]
PRISONERS UNITED OF SILICON VALLEY Newsletter #1 - Link to full newsletter: http://tinyurl.com/gwhq2hp PRISONERS UNITED OF SILICON VALLEY ▼ December 22, 2016 – Newsletter 1 – LETTER OF APPRECIATION – Greetings and solidarity to each other and all who participated in our initial Hunger Strike to end the arbitrary use of solitary confinement and inhumane treatment in Santa Clara County Jails. Before we […]

Emergency Response Network

Pledge of Resistance to Stop Torture in the SHU:
I will join PHSS in one action per week in response to some emergency facing the hunger strikers, and in resistance to the torture. These actions may include an email, phone call, letter, vigil, and/or activation of my network and will be initiated by the Emergency Response Network of PHSS.
Full pledge with preface | En Español

To sign this pledge, and thereby join the PHSS Emergency Response Network, send an email with your name to solitaryistorture@gmail.com with the subject “subscribe.”

Ways you can help

Call the Department of Correction’s new ‘public hotline number’ to voice your concerns and support of the hunger strikers: 916-324-3397.

Donate to Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity through California Prison Focus and identify your donation by writing “Coalition” or “PHSS”. Donations will be used for mass mailings to prisoners, flyers, posters, and rides to the prisons for advocates and families members. You can also mail checks to:

California Prison Focus
1904 Franklin/Suite 507
Oakland, CA 94612.

Ask your friends to donate too!

Write to prisoners to support them!

  • Learn more about the PHSS Human Rights Pen Pals. Visit our website at www.humanrightspenpals.org or email humanrightspenpals@gmail.com for more information.
  • Write to everyone you know in prison and let them know about the hunger strike and the many ways thousands of people outside and inside prison are supporting it.
  • NOTE: Mail referring to the hunger strike is being rejected, so describe the action without using the exact words “hunger strike”. (Example: you can say “refusing food” or “not eating”.) Please be mindful that the Department of Corrections was retaliating against prisoners who received mail referring the strike, before it started (giving prisoners 128 write-ups, which can result in denied parole, job loss, possible SHU placement if the prisoner is not already in the SHU, and more). Now that the strike has started, there is less likelihood of such retaliation if letters are simply informing of the strike and not advocating that the recipient participate in the strike.

If you are aware of people participating in the strike at other prisons than those listed below, please contact us at prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity.wordpress.com.

It is crucial for supporters of this struggle to share information on updates, developments and ways people everywhere are supporting it.  During the first round of the strike, at least 6,600 people across at least 13 prisons participated. The CDCR would not release at which prisons prisoners were striking. We know prisoners participated in the first round of the strike at Pelican Bay (the SHU & General Population), Corcoran, CCI Tehachapi, Folsom, San Quentin, Centinela, Calipatria, RJ Donovan, Valley State Prison for Women, and North Kern State Prison. During the second round of the strike that began on Sept 26th, we know at least 6,000 prisoners are participating again at Pelican Bay, Calipatria, CCI Tehachapi, Centinela, West Valley Detention Center, Corcoran and Chuckawalla Valley State Prison.

Stay informed! Subscribe to this blog from the home page and clicking “subscribe me” on the right-hand side.

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21 thoughts on “Take Action

  1. This is cruel and inhuman, no one should be treated like this!! No one deserves to be in that hole that long!! There should be a law on how to treat humans….

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  6. I support the Hunger Strikers. Their goals. And all their family, friends, and those who work and volunteer for their cause.

  7. I write with an inmate who’s in Pelican Bay State Prison. Not only are their demands reasonable, it’s also absolutely horrifying how the prison (the government even, maybe?) punish those who protested. This must end. Is it rally so strange to protest this…? Aren’t we all humans… What’s going on here?

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  11. I wanted to thank the prisoners who brought attention to your requests, at least nationwide, if not world wide, by organizing this type of activism. I have no known associates in prison, yet this very well-done effort has impressed me of injustices and dignity of many humans behind bars. Again, thank you.

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  17. We the outside supportters will continue to keep on eye on the California Prison System, making shure that Our loved ones are treated like human beings and Their Rights get respected ! I’m glad CDC No longer can practice Long Term Solitary Confinement! and Our goal is to put and End to Solitary Confinement!

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