ALL OUT FOR CA PRISONER HUNGER STRIKE 2013 *Corcoran mobilization info below*

On Monday over 30,000 California prisoners started a hunger strike and work actions for basic human rights. Read LATimes coverage here.  Check out the new video (below) and share it widely!

Join us for a demonstration at Corcoran on Saturday July 13th!  Rally will begin at 2pm at Cesar Chavez Part in Corcoran. 1500 Oregon Ave, Corcoran 93212 (right next to Mark Twain Elementary School).

*If you need a ride or can offer a ride, please contact Rachel Herzing, or 510-444-0484 no later than July 10th.*

Meet at MacArthur BART in Oakland at 9am to join the Norcal caravan.* 555 40th St  Oakland, CA 94609*

Meet at Chucos Youth Justice Center in Inglewood at 9am to join the SoCal caravan.* 1137 E Redondo Blvd  Inglewood, CA 9030
Expect to be back in the Bay Area/LA by 9-10pm if you are in the rideshare.
Please be prepared for a hot day! The temperature will likely be around 100 degrees on Saturday.  Bring sunscreen, a hat or umbrella and plenty of water.

17 thoughts on “ALL OUT FOR CA PRISONER HUNGER STRIKE 2013 *Corcoran mobilization info below*

  1. Just want to remind folks to bring hats and plenty of cold water, sun protection if you are sensitive to the sun, it has been extremely hot in the valley and 3pm is actually when the heat will be at its highest. I will bring an ice chest with some cold water and fresh cold organic fruit…for sensitive legs or knees bring a chair there is no where to sit except an ole dusty roadside. Know your rights about public protests, I have protested there before, as long as we stay off CDCR property and on the side of the road we will be okay. Also Friends Outside have a trailer inside, who have allowed us to come in, use the bathroom and leave material for families.

  2. The CA Prisoner Hunger Strike begins today. They are asking for an end to long-term solitary confinement, fresh air, sunshine & decent food. Shame on California that these men are willing to DIE for basic human rights which are being denied them. Please take five minutes, watch the video, sign the petition and share this post so these men will know that people care.

  3. The victims of your cry babies should be there as well so they can tell their stories as well. Tell your cry baby criminals to stop breaking the law and violating others rights. If they follow the law then they have the same freedoms as any law abiding citizen. I hope they don’t get crap that they are asking for.

  4. 15 days in solitary confinement constitutes torture. It’s is so inhuman for the political party not to respond the the requested demands made by all prisoners in the S.H.U. Our loved ones, must suffer more with with these hunger strikes while the political parties are eating at fancy restaurants paid by the tax payers.

  5. I wish I could help in anyway. My brother is at Susanville high desert prison, I haven’t heard from him, I have sent him money and have been sending him letters, I hope he got them, because he always writes back, i hope he stays strong, thank you to everyone who is actively participating for the people who couldn’t be there to support.

    • Anyone near Concord California or passing through that has room for me in their car for Corcoran? Please notify me in a follow-up comment and it will be forwarded to me via email. Thank you if you can help.

  6. I have been blogging to get reforms in place and am shocked the number of negative comments from supposed law abiding normal citizens who don’t have a clue. I am worried for the soul of our nation on a daily basis now. I personally hope people eat when depleted as the jail food is so poor nutritionally it will take a longer time for them to come back. They will be sorely lacking in B, C, D, and K vitamins all critical to health. This society we live in is so frustrating and plain mean to put 30,000 people thru this and the media. is barely covering it. This should be a huge scandal if people had morals.

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