Greetings to our supporters and all people of conscience.

We are grateful for your support of our peaceful protest against the state-sanctioned torture that happens not only here at Pelican Bay but in prisons everywhere.  We have taken up this hunger strike and work stoppage, which has included 30,000 prisoners in California so far, not only to improve our own conditions but also an act of solidarity with all prisoners and oppressed people around the world.

We encourage everyone to take action to support the strike wherever they live.  Sign the petition demanding California Governor stop the torture; plan rolling solidarity fasts if you are able; use every means to spread the word; and participate in non-violent direct action to put pressure on decision-makers.

If it was not for your support, we would have died in 2011.  Thank you everyone.  We are confident we will prevail.

In Solidarity,

– Todd Ashker, C-58191, PBSP-SHU, D4-121

– Arturo Castellanos, C-17275, PBSP-SHU, D1-121

– Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa (Dewberry), C-35671, PBSP-SHU,D1-117

– Antonio Guillen, P-81948, PBSP-SHU, D2-106

The PBSP-SHU Short Corridor Representatives

7 thoughts on “Greetings to our supporters and all people of conscience.

  1. my husband is also in the SHU at cci 4B and am with u all on this they are in God hand and he will protected them let all stay unided for are husbands sons fathers grandfather brothers amen

  2. I feel so deeply about this horrendous treatment of prisoners around the world….I also have a son here in the UK in a CSC unit…(.controlled supervision centres) . The regime is so harsh it is pyschological torture no natural sunlight.
    The units here are HMP Woodhill and HMP Wakefield…HMP Whitemoor have the (personality disorder unit ) son has been in the woodhill unit… now in the Wakefield unit..on visits I have to visit him on the unit…he is one side of a wall ..I on the other with thick bars to divide us I cannot hug him either….he was selected for the Woodhill unit…after spending 8 months in segregation in another high secure prison.. on hunger strike in Woodhill.. kept in high control cells… on multi unlock..isolated…no association no shower no exercise no phone calls… then referred to Broadmoor high secure hospital…now suffers with serious psychotic episodes…because of the unit.. he already has complex mental health issues…now for an incident there he has been transferred back to another unit…to be psychologically tortured again and the psychosis has returned…refuses medication because he dosent want to be vulnerable with the prison officers…finding it extremely hard to get him returned to a high secure hospital as he is deemed to dangerous…which the system has done to him…so I really understand your plight and I will support and sign in support of all of you..everywhere…this treatment has to be stopped.

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