Outrage Over CDCR Force Feeding Plans

Supporters of prisoners who are on the 43rd day of hunger strike are expressing outrage at an order signed today by a federal judge allowing strikers to be force fed, disregarding international human rights principles.

“CDCR justifies asking for the order to force feed by claiming that the widespread hunger strike is ‘orchestrated’ by gangs, that the massive participation and support for the demands is coerced and that prisoners have signed ‘do not resuscitate’ directives under duress,” according to Claude Marks of the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition. “This order violates all international laws and standards and gives the medical director of each prison authority to violate human rights laws instead of reasonably negotiating with prisoners.” Thousand of prisoners have united to challenge the torture of prolonged isolation, demanding an accountable process to challenge the gang validations that have kept them in security housing for decades.

Continues Marks, “”This approach, much like Guantanamo, sets the US apart from all related international human rights standards.”

15 thoughts on “Outrage Over CDCR Force Feeding Plans

  1. Who is trained to administer this force feeding in the prisons where the men are on hunger strike? Will the kind and gentle guards be shoving tubes down the mens throats? This is insane.

    • Yes!! Again the Guards wil use their ILLEGAL authority to force feed the inmates, WOW!! This Country has and is going backwards and the JUDGE who signed this order is going aganist the inmates rights as human beings, I have taken this need to my church and have sent out letter and paper, stamped envelopes to the inmates from a list of names I received in an e-mail,We will continue to pray that the God will intervene and change things for the good of All those who have made mistakes . I get very upset to hear of all this Santanic behavior of those who treat the inmates as if they were not human, Animals seem to have more rights, If a person is caught hurting a dog, that person is fined or jailed, WHY ARE THE GUARDS ALLOWED TO MISTREAT HUMAN BEINGS?? Ameica, UNITED States is losing its TRUE MEANING OF FREEDOM , JUSTICE FOR ALL. GOD FORGIVE JERRY BROWN AND ALL THE GUARDS IN CALIFORNIA PRISONS, JUDGES WITHOUT CONCIENCE .I ALSO PRAY FOR GODS JUDGEMENT TO COME UPON ALL THOSE IN GOVERMENT FOR THEIR CRUELTY UPON THOSE THAT ARE PAYING FOR THEIR MISTAKES AND GUARDS WHO MISTREAT THEM BESIDES. GOD FORGIVE ALL OF US WHO JUST STAND BY AND ALLOW ALL THIS UNJUSTICE TO CONTINUE, PRAY, PRAY, HAVE A REALL TALK WITH THE LORD AND BELIEVE THAT HE WILL HELP THIS CAUSE.

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  6. This is Bullshit. These guys shouldn’t even have to fight for these rights. They are saying it is gang members who started this movement. Well ya because it is all gang members who are in the SHU. I cannot believe our Federal court system approved this shit. Lets get these guys together and lock them up in the SHU for a month and see if they like the way they are treated or like what they are fed. We are HUMAN NOT ANIMALS. We need to all start writing or calling the White House and don’t stop until they acknowledge us.

  7. If the Doctor’s are not going to feed them.. and the guards can’t.. don’t know how to use or do that.. or more.. Don’t want to.. who’s going to do it..?!! is that judge going to send in Dr’s.. or is gov brown going to sign something for someone to go in there and do it?1! This is Ridiculous! They’re just going in circle like always.. it’s all Politics! and they probably don’t have anyone there or in some kind of “Bad-Times” so it’s easy for them to be against this whole thing..!! What kind of person is that Judge and Gov Brown..?!

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  9. Gov. Brown’s refusal to talk with the prisoners is nothing short of sidestepping an issue that is not going to go away. Force feeding the hunger strikers is a violation of their human rights. He should have visited the prisons to see for himself the conditions the men are made to endure . He made a trip to visit concentration camps, he should have made the round of the prisons to see how they are being tortured with long term solitary confinement.

  10. They did this a hundred years ago with the women fighting for women’s right to vote. It was wrong & immoral then, it’s wrong and immoral now. For vulnerable folks, this is the ONLY way to protest their conditions.

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