July 16 Statement from Pelican Bay

Greetings, solidarity, love, and respect to all our loved ones and supporters.

We want to provide a brief update on our collective struggle to end the torture of long-term solitary confinement. As expected the CDCR has responded to the resumption of our peaceful protest by retaliating
against 14 of us here at Pelican Bay, subjecting us to similar escalation as in 2011.

Specifically, on July 11, 2013, we were placed in Administrative Segregation (Ad-Seg), where we are subjected to more torturous conditions than in the SHU. Despite this diabolical act on the part of
the CDCR intended to break our resolve and hasten our deaths, we remain strong and united! We are 100% committed to our cause and will end our peaceful action when CDCR signs a legally binding agreement to our demands.

Please join us in our struggle to stop CDCR from trying to destroy our lives, and the lives of our families.

We can only win our demands with your support!

In Solidarity,

PBSP-SHU Short Corridor Representatives

– Todd Ashker, C-58191, PBSP-SHU, D4-121

– Arturo Castellanos, C-17275, PBSP-SHU, D1-121

– Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa (Dewberry), C-35671, PBSP-SHU,D1-117

– Antonio Guillen, P-81948, PBSP-SHU, D2-106

20 thoughts on “July 16 Statement from Pelican Bay

  1. Impeach the vacationing Governor Brown for allowing this travesty of the hunger strike to happen without him caring.

  2. Praying for them to stop the torture! Prayers to all the men going thru this and to all the families that have to see there loved ones go thru this.

  3. sending written encouragement and support to all four inmates. Involved in anything to show my support. President Obama take action now! How can America be so cruel!

  4. So sad to hear there is so much hate, the punishment is loosing your freedom. That’s it. The guards or warden is no one to treat human beings like this only god can judge and punish.
    Hope and pray that this ends peaceful.

  5. Lord I pray an anointing peace , love and stength for our brothers n The Lord . Father I come to humble & asking that you would provide these brave men with your spiritual nourishment & comfort . Encamped your angels of safety about them lord & allow them to feel your holy presence & show them they are not alone … In Jesus mighty & holy name . AMEN !!!

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  12. It is an absolute shame that our country, “the land of the free” treats its incarcerated this way! “Home of the brave” stands for more than those in the military. Our military are, of course, admirable, brave men & women, but, the sad truth is that when a person is incarcerated, they have no choice but to get real brave, real fast, just to survive every day. There is no humane reason why those in our prisons should be treated like animals. And no reason why they should have to go to these extremes in order to be treated like human beings.

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  15. Stop the torture ..stop isolation .this is serious we lost one inmate already how many more do we have to lose .

  16. The Geneva Convention doesn’t even allow us to treat our enemy’s in this fashion, so why are we treating citizens of the USA like this? Why is this being allowed? Why has one Hugo Pinell been in solitary confinement for at least 42 years. How do you explain this Gov. Jerry Brown?

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  18. August 9,2013 I am sending prayers to all the families who have someone in one of these prisons using hunger as means for justice , I am a family member who has a family who has been labeled as one of the problems that this hunger strike is in place, but i as a family with a loved one in pelican bay state prison just wish for there wishes to get listened to if not all demands can be met at least let them have a phone call once a month some of the prisoners families are so far away a phone call would from them would be just like heaven. please from a family member touched by this keep us in your prayers day and night.sandra ellis-pinkney

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