Pelican Bay Hunger Strikers Reject Proposal: The Strike Continues!

This afternoon leaders of the Pelican Bay hunger strike unanimously rejected a proposal from the CDCR to end the strike. In response to the prisoners’ five, straightforward demands, the CDCR distributed a vaguely worded document stating that it would “effect a comprehensive assessment of its existing policy and  procedure” about the secure housing units (SHUs). The document gave no indication if any changes would be made at all.

While the CDCR has claimed that there is no medical crisis, mediators report that the principal hunger strikers have lost 25-35 pounds each and have underlying medical conditions of concern. Despite the promises from the federal Receiver overseeing the CDCR, no one has received salt tablets or vitamins.

The hunger strike is now in its third week and shows no signs of weakening. In fact, the settlement document distributed last night to all hunger strikers at Pelican Bay prison, resulted in some people who have gone off the strike to resume refusing food. Hundreds of prisoners at Pelican Bay remain on strike, with thousands more participating throughout the CA’s 33 prisons. Advocates and strike leaders dismiss the false claims that the strike is being orchestrate by prison gangs. (Click here for a clip from a legal visit with hunger strikers, explaining why prisoners are doing this hunger strike)

International solidarity with the striking prisoners also continue to mount with demonstrations and messages emerging from the US, Canada, Turkey and Australia. According to mediation team Laura Magnani, “From day one. the CDCR has demonstrated it’s inability to resolve this situation. We call on Gov. Brown to step in and negotiate in good faith to bring this situation to a just resolution.” Strike supporters plan to flood the Governor’s office with phone calls and emails, echoing the striker’s demands.

Given how basic the strikers’ demands are, it is immoral that the CDCR would insult these men with such poor faith proposal,” state mediator Dorsey Nunn.

The challenge for supporters outside of prison is to match the courage of the hunger strikers, and to effectively pressure the CDCR to immediately negotiate on the standards any negotiation should follow: with the prisoners in good faith, addressing all of the demands, and with the prisoner-approved outside mediation team.

It is still important to continue calling in and writing letters to Sec. Cate. We also need to intensify pressure on all elected officials, from Governor Brown to local state representatives, to get involved in this struggle–urge them to make sure the CDCR negotiates with the prisoners, urge them to visit Pelican Bay and demand to see the prisoners. We can also be targeting press and media to do the same.

MOBILIZE to SACRAMENTO:  MON, July 18th from 1-4pm. Demonstration outside CDCR Headquarters. 1515 S. St. 


Join a conference call to hear direct updates, and to strategize effective ways to support the strike and the prisoners in winning their demands!


Monday, July 18th: 6 pm EDT/ 5 pm CDT/ 4pm MDT/ 3 pm PDT

Toll-Free Call In Number: 1(800) 920-7487

Participant Code: 62435226

24 thoughts on “Pelican Bay Hunger Strikers Reject Proposal: The Strike Continues!

  1. Governor Brown must take control of the prison if those in charge refuse to treat prisoners as human beings. The U.S. is still a global superpower and must be leader in human rights. The U.S. can not preach to other countries while not having adequate human rights in its own prisons.

  2. Is there anyone here from Santa Barbara, Goleta, Carpenteria, Santa Ynez, or anywhere in that region that has a loved one in the SHU or participating on the hunger strike?? Please hit me up, message me! Someone at UCSB is setting up a panel at UCSB. for thursday, july 21st frm 6pm-8pm

  3. My brother is striking and he would rather starve to death than suffer another year under the current conditions the Pelican Bay SHU. This is the America we live in…

  4. My husband died of a heart attack the day after being released from the Men’s Colony in SLO because he needed heart surgery that was refused to him while down because he was short-time. I know for a fact that the health conditions are inhumane and in the name of my husbands suffering at the hands of the CDCR I will support this strike and encourage others to do so as well! God bless us all!

    • I have meet and grown to love many families whom have love one in prison as I meet my Husband their too. He has worked in the kitchen and seen label marked on the package that read NOT INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!! Hello I would not eat this and the health care issues is just that… There is no really health care, If i want my husband to go see a dentist to have a bad tooth removed I have to pay the salary of two employees that ,must accompany him to the office, plus pay out of pocket the bill, luckly he is in better health then some but he has worked hard to stay health as he know that the medical attention in there is slim. I am sorry to hear for your lose and I will keep this fight and you in my prayers,,, Sincerely Wendy

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  13. Hebrews 13:3
    Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering. (NIV)

    Remember those who are in prison as if you were their fellow prisoner, and those who are ill-treated, since you also are liable to bodily sufferings. (AMP)

    Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body. (KJV)

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  18. I have a brother in pelicanbay shu hes been dealing with these inhumane living sicuactions for over 20years i feel for all of those men cause the co s do not care i no i served time in corcoran shu we must not let up we need loyers to go to p.b and ut it on the warden and we must rally downtown sd and evry where we need to show them all that we are serious if we hafe to start camping out all night on there front doors sign g in sd

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