Statement by Arturo Castellanos

Two other Pelican Bay prisoners [S. Perez #J-47812 and R. Sandoval #V-38622] and I are in Administrative Segregation (ASU) for conspiracy to murder a friend of ours (another Pelican Bay prisoner). Our friend was clearly devastated and distraught following the untimely death of his wife. The evidence shows that, for the three months following his wife’s death, our friend was seriously abusing alcohol and heroin every day. He was telling friends and his own family members that he no longer wished to live without his wife. He was alone in the cell when he self-injected the heroin overdose. The Coroner Investigator found nothing that would indicate any foul play was involved. Therefore, the evidence shows that he died either from an accidental heroin overdose or an intentional self-injected heroin overdose. It was certainly not murder.

Arturo Castellanos
March 16, 2018