Write to the Strike Representatives!

In addition to all the other ways people can support the hunger strike, it’s important for us to write letters of support to the strike representatives and everyone we know locked up in prison, so they know thousands of people outside prison support them and are working with them to win their demands. 

Write letters to:

Todd Ashker C-58191
Sitawa N. Jamaa / s.n. Dewberry C-35671
Antonio Guillen P-81948
Lewis Powell B-59864
Paul Redd B-72683
Alfred Sandoval D-61000
Danny Troxell B-76578
James Williamson D-34288
Ronnie Yandell V-27927

16 thoughts on “Write to the Strike Representatives!

  1. Stay strong and God bless you for your courage. Your struggle is not in vain. Your 5 demands will be met.

  2. There are solutions to the problems we face on criminal issues. Though a hunger strike can’t wait for the short term, I hope you will keep me in mind for the long term solution that I believe is possible and at the website below.
    check it out. Click on the “What is it” link.

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  4. God bless you, brave humans! You are in my thoughts and prayers. I will am calling my elected officials and will spread the word about your incredible efforts to make the CDCR and the world a better place for all of us. Thank you!

  5. You have my support. People need to know and understand what is happening in the California prison system. There is little justice in criminal justice with the CDCR. These are human beings with basic rights. Where is everyone who fights for human rights in other parts of the world? We need to begin here, at home, with our own.
    Thank you for helping these men.
    I will support your cause any way I can.

  6. Be proud! Enough is enough. Rise up!
    Being caged/limited/slaved is NOT the reason we exist on this planet!
    Standing together you guys will never fall!!
    It is every human beings birthright to exercise their FREE WILL ….the illusion is that ITS NOT!
    Take care of eachother in there!!!

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    the Pelican Bay hunger strike has provoked CDC to do things like take away visits and personal affects like TVs.
    Sweatsuits mailed to prisoners have NOT been handed out and are being withheld as more retaliatory punishment to prisoners.
    Mathew Cate and Scott Kernan REFUSE to communicate with prisoners’ lawyers and will not play in a manner that notes any human concern, They have LIED to the prisoners and are DEMANDING the prisoners give up all demands. they are REFUSING to honor anything they have promised the prisoners and are telling them one thing while telling the public something else entirely.
    The Prisoners are tired of being lied to and will ONLY communicate to the Governor
    IF YOU: have any compassion and heart at all, you will take ALL EFFORTS to communicate to Governor Brown and, like the prisoners, not waste your time with the CDC heads. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE… DEMAND CATE AND KERNAN BE FIRED!!! and take on no replacement other than compassionate players.

  9. Sending the printed postcard to those mentioned above may NOT be a good idea, because I received 5 notices return from PBSP stating that I sent in something unlawful or so, which of course is complete bs!
    I will keep on writing anyway, albeit in more covert ways, yet I am in full support.

  10. My name is Allen Jones. My blog, which describes everything about me and what I am doing is at http://casegame.squarespace.com.
    I am wondering if the prisoners on a hunger strike are willing to end their hunger strike in support of a much larger and meaningful boycott?
    I am against the death penalty, laws against smoking marijuana for recreational purposes and Three Strikes to name a few. Therefore, I believe that a boycott by supporters on the OUTSIDE should ban together for a campaign to boycott organ donations. Yes organ donations.
    It is radical but I believe though organ donating is a small thing to many, it can be a major player in getting people to realize how important life is even if you are in prison for committing a crime.
    Please contact me if you would like to discuss this further. jones-allen@att.net

  11. strange perhaps for a free, privileged man to consider you guys humans, but call me crazy, you are men.

    I forgive you and I think, while I am hardly a religious man, He does too:

    “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
    Matthew 11:28

    See you on the other side.

  12. I support the hunger strike at pelican bay state prison ! They’re may be good men n prison & they may be bad … NONETHELESS THEY ARE STILL HUMAN BEINGS ! Lets all stand together & fight for justice . TORTURE is not the way we want our tax dollars spent . Since when is mans inhumanity to man progressing in the land of the free ? May God bles them all , brave honorable men still fighting for wat is right in this historical moment n history ! I will help in any way I can ! Lets not forget in the eyes of god sin is sin so wat makes these men any less deserving of human rights ? Vengeance is gods not mans .

  13. I support the hunger strike! Just because someone has made a mistake which has landed them in prison does not mean that it is all right to torture them and treat them like they are not human beings. My son is in prison and has been put in solitary. They plan to take away all his time earned for good behavior. As a family member of an inmate I have had to endure watching him suffer. The whole California prison system is set up to make inmates and their families feel like they are less than human. And this is wrong – they abuse their power just because they can! Thanks for everything you do to help prisoners. God bless you! You are in my prayers!

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