Aug. 23rd Statewide Coordinated Actions To End Solitary Confinement: Locations & Details

Sunday, August 23rd ACTIONS by location (alphabetical order)

Arcata, CA – Boston, MA – Los Angeles, CA – New York, NY – Norwalk, CA –  Oakland, CA – Philadelphia, PA – Pittsburgh, PA –  San Francisco, CA – San Jose, CA – Santa Cruz, CA

If you still don’t see your locale, we haven’t received the details yet or YOU just might need to organize a simple action where you are!! Here is a resource of ideas to mark the day:

Statewide Coordinated Actions To End Solitary Confinement (SCATESC) has a PHSS Facebook Event page.  SCATESC’s growing list of Co-sponsors and Endorsers is below.

August 23 Locations & Details

Outside of the Creamery District Community Arts Festival, we will have an educational display about solitary confinement- torture- inflicted on thousands of people of all ages and genders in California. Also, we will have a large screen, outdoor showing of the excellent new documentary, “Breaking Down the Box” and audio of intense testimony, including recordings of youth and adults who have experienced solitary confinement, family members of people in solitary for decades, and the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture.

August is the three- year anniversary of the Pelican Bay SHU prisoners’ presentation of their historic Agreement to End Hostilities. We support and promote the Agreement and will be giving out copies of it on the 23rd.
Arcata Action Details
Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm PST
Location: sidewalk on 9th Street between K and L
For more info, call  707-267-4249
Contact Name: Verbena
Contact Email:

Join The Coalition for Effective Public Safety – CEPS at dusk! Watch animated shorts on the perils of solitary confinement.BostonActionAug23

The 23rd of each month, CEPS will be taking public action to raise awareness about solitary confinement.  The 23rd of each month was chosen to signify the 23 or more hours a day people who are in solitary confinement are isolated. This call to action was made by people incarcerated in Pelican Bay in California protesting the deplorable conditions they are kept in.  The Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition began actions earlier this year.

If you’re interested in various ideas to mark the day, check out:
Join people nationwide in calling for the end of solitary confinement.

HERE‘s the Boston flyer!
Boston Action Details
Egleston Square Peace Garden (corner of School and Washington Street on the JP/Roxbury line in Boston)
Facebook page:
Contact person: Rachel Corey
For info or to help plan future actions:
Facebook event:

This performance is an event to honor Hugo Pinell and the Anniversary of the Pelican Bay Short Corridor Call for an Agreement to End Hostilities.

Hear the stories of those who have been held in state-sanctioned torture.IfTheSHUFits-Aug23

Total isolation for 23 hours daily. Sensory deprivation. No contact with family. Poor food. Minimal access to medical needs.

A reader’s theater performance script produced by If the SHU Fits collaborative Dramastage Qumran, LA Laborfest,  Public Works Improvisational Theatre

Alex Sanchez of Homies Unidos will be joining us as a guest reader at this Sunday’s performance of “If the SHU Fits”

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) continues to claim that “there is no ‘solitary confinement’ in California’s prisons and the SHU is not ‘solitary confinement,'” but people inside the Pelican Bay State Prison’s security housing unit say they remain locked in for at least 23 hours per day.

At this event, we will present If the SHU Fits-Voices from Solitary Confinement. Immediately following the performance will be the opportunity to Share Stories, Become a Pen Pal, Discuss Strategies, Plan Future Actions, Write Letters.

The event is a part of the Statewide Coordinated Actions To End Solitary Confinement, a call by prisoners in solitary to their supporters outside to STOP THE TORTURE with events on the 23rd of each month, signifying the number of hours prisoners are kept in solitary.
HERE‘s the LA flier!
Los Angeles Action Details
2:00pm – 4:00pm PST
KPFK Parking Lot, 3729 Cahuenga Blvd W, Studio City, CA 91604
For info, call 323-636-7388 or email
Facebook event:

Campaign for Alternatives to Isolated Confinement invites you to a RALLY at UNION SQUARE on July 23rd.  (Meet by steps on  south side, by E. 14th and Broadway)

Every day in New York prisons and jails, there are more than 5,000 people in solitary confinement and other forms of extreme isolation. There, they spend 23 hours a day locked in a cell about the size of an elevator. In isolated confinement, people are left with nothing to do, no programs, no one to talk to, and no human touch. In these torturous conditions, people experience intense suffering and, often, severe psychological and physical damage. The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture determined that keeping a person in solitary more than 15 days is torture; New York regularly holds people in solitary for months and years, and sometimes decades.

Join us on the 23rd of every month in the fight to end solitary confinement. We are joining allies around the country who are holding monthly actions based on the recommendation of people incarcerated in Pelican Bay prison who led the momentous hunger strikes in California.
People in solitary need you.
Rally to HALT Solitary Confinement. COME OUT TO END TORTURE!
New York City Action Details
Time: 2:00pm EST

Location: Northeast corner of East Fordham Road & Webster Ave, (Rose Hill Park)
Contact email:

Candle Light Vigil to shine light through the darNorwalkkness of solitary confinement.  Join California Families Against Solitary Confinement (CFASC) on August 23rd at the corner of Norwalk Blvd. and Imperial.
Norwalk Action Details

Time: 7:00pm- 8:30pm PST
Location:12700 Norwalk Blvd., Norwalk CA 90650

OAKLAND, CA- two actions!:
Street Action
Gather at at 10:00am with many banners, placards with photos of people in long-term solitary confinement, and informational handouts at the huge intersection outside the First Congregational Church. The Church is supportive of our efforts to end solitary confinement. Their service begins at 10:30am and they might allow PHSS to speak, during the service, about the importance of ending torture, solitary confinement.
Oakland Street Action Details
Time: 10:00am- 2:00pm
Location: The First Congregational Church, 27th St/ Harrison in Oakland, near Lake Merritt (2501 Harrison St, Oakland, CA 94612)
Contact email:

Human Rights Pen Pals Meet-up and “Solitary Confinement 101” Workshop
Workshop will be led by members of Critical Resistance. **Space is limited!** This workshop is being offered by Human Rights Pen Pals (HRPP) primarily to its 200 community pen pals, though as space allows non-HRPP pen pals will be welcome to attend.HRPP transcendingWalls

HRPP is a grassroots, racial justice community organization, in solidarity with people in California’s solitary confinement cells.
Oakland Workshop Details
Time: 10am-12noon (still time to get to the street action!)
Location: Downtown Oakland (complete RSVP for exact location)
Contact email:
Facebook RSVP:

Pennsylvania (PA) groups support the Monthly Statewide Coordinated Action To End Solitary Confinement.

Join us in fasting for some or all of the August 23rd
in protest of the 23 hours of solitary confinement that tens of thousands of prisoners endure every day for months and years.  Add your group to those committed to taking an action each month.

PA groups so far include Abolitionist Law Center; Global Women’s Strike; Human Rights Coalition Philly/Pittsburgh; Justice for the Dallas 6 Support Campaign; Payday men’s network; Women and Trans Prisoner Defense Committee; Fight for Lifers West, Inc.
Pennsylvania Action Details
Time: all day
Location: Pennsylvania
For more info in PA, call 215-848-1120
Contact emails:,

We will stand on Stevens Creek Blvd where people cross between Santa Row and Valley Fair and hold signs and distribute literature to END SOLITARY CONFINEMENT. We don’t have extra signs, please bring your own. Young people are very welcome to join us!
San Jose Action Details
Time:  11:30am – 1:00pm PST
Location: Stevens Creek Blvd where people cross between Santa Row and Valley Fair, San Jose CA
For more info, call
408-569-6608 (cell)
Contact Person Name: Donna Wallach
Contact Person Email:

Join us on Sunday August 23rd, 2015 to leaflet and talk with passersby, then Rally.

CDCR (CA Dept. Of Corrections) allowed the assassination of Hugo ‘Yogi Bear’ Pinell, who worked for unity within the prisons, and is trying to destroy Agreement to End Hostilities between all racial/ethnic and geographic groups, to justify keeping people locked up in SHU torture cells. We will do Readers’ Theater of the Agreement, so critical for the movement against solitary confinement and prison abuse, and for human rights and social justice.

Get updated on Statewide Coordinated Actions To End Solitary Confinement in CA & nationwide, CA Families Against Solitary Confinement, Senate Bill 124 to define and limit youth solitary confinement, and WOMEN in solitary confinement. We will have our new zine on the movement to end solitary confinement to distribute!

We do not want people in prison to have to risk their lives in another Hunger Strike!  Take Action. End Solitary Confinement.  It is Torture.

Santa Cruz Actions To End Solitary Confinement are organized by a coalition of Central Coast organizations:
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Northern California
Food Not Bombs
Global Women’s Strike Network
• Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition Statewide Coordinated Actions To End Solitary Confinement
Project: Pollinate
Santa Cruz Resistance Against Militarization (SCRAM!)
Sin Barras
11 other organizations and prominent individuals are endorsers.
HERE‘s the Santa Cruz flier!
Santa Cruz Action Details
Time: 11:30am – Set up
12:00pm – Leaflet

           12:30pm – 2:00pm –RALLY and READER’S THEATER
Location: on corner of Cooper and Pacific Ave. (110 Cooper St., SC 95060), next to O’Neill’s
Contact Person: Willow
Contact Email:
Facebook event: 

August LGBTQ Prisoner Letterwriting Night: Writing Off Solitary Confinement, organized by Flying Over Walls- SF Bay Area Black and Pink.QueersSayNOtoSolitary Confinement

This month’s letterwriting & pen pal meet-up will be part of a series of coordinated actions to End Solitary Confinement happening statewide on the 23rd of August . This date emphasizes the 23 or more hours every day that people are kept in solitary confinement in 7 x 11 foot concrete cells.

We will have a discussion on the inhuman and harmful impacts that solitary confinement has on all prisoners and what you can do to help bring in an end to it. We will also highlight the particular ways queer and trans prisoners are subjected to the violence of solitary as a form of “protective custody” and the implications this has for our Black & Pink members on the inside. Lastly, in additional to our regular pen pal letter writing we will also have a list of names of Black & Pink members currently being held in solitary that we will be encouraging folks to write cards and letters to.
San Francisco Action Details:
Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm PST
Location: Wicked Grounds
289 8th St, San Francisco, California 94103
Contact Email:
Facebook event:



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