SLEEP ON IT! feature article in Oct 2015 Scientific American

Your nightly rest turns out to affect your mind and health more than anyone suspected

Article by Robert Stickgold
published in October 15, 2015 Scientific American issue entitled THE POWER OF SLEEP Science shows why it’s key to improving cognition, memory, mood and health

A couple of quotes from the article:
“Research over the past 20‘ years has finally begun to provide at least a partial explanation for why we must sleep. The clearest finding is that sleep does not serve just a single purpose. Instead it appears to be needed for the optimal functioning of a multitude of biological processes—from the inner workings of the immune system to proper hormonal balance, to emotional and psychiatric health, to learning and memory, to the clearance of toxins from the brain. At the same time, none of these functions fails completely in the absence of sleep. In general, sleep seems to enhance the performance of these systems instead of being absolutely necessary. And yet anyone who lives for months without sleep will die.”

“Several studies over the past 25 years have now concluded that poor sleep can, under certain circumstances, lead to depression severe enough to be diagnosed as major depression.”

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