Hunger Strike in Old Folsom State Prison ASU- UPDATES

• “A swift salute to all of the supporters…” Statement from Folsom Prison ASU Hunger Striker, Anthony Estrada 6/19/17 Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

• The Michael Slate Show, KPFK radio with Raquel Estrada, wife of Folsom ASU Hunger Striker, and Mohamed Shekh, Critical Resistance Media & Communications Director, 6/16/17 Listen Live 10-11am PST, Archived later. 

• 16 minute interview from the show:

• Folsom Hunger Strike: Solidarity Rally Reportback 6/9/17

• Handouts from June 4, 2017 Rally & Press Conference
WHY WE SUPPORT the Folsom Prison Hunger Strike
Hungerstrike Handout-Demands, Contact Officials

• Sunday, June 4, 2017 RALLY & PRESS CONFERENCE at Folsom To Support Hunger Strikers  Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity 5/30/17

• Press Release, 6/2/17: Folsom Prison Hunger Strike Enters 9th Day – Families, Advocates to Rally in Folsom and L.A. to Support Prisoners’ Demands Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

• Samidoun statement of solidarity with U.S. prisoners on hunger strike in Folsom State Prison  Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network  6/1/17

• Old Folsom prisoners hunger strike for their 8th Amendment right – freedom from cruel and unusual punishment  SF Bay View 5/28/17
Includes audio and transcript of 5/27 KPFA interview with Raquel Estrada, wife of Old Folsom prisoner and hunger striker Anthony Estrada; and a 5/28 update from Raquel about her husband being moved to Ad-Seg in the state prison in Tracy, CA in retaliation for the strike.

• 5/28/17 UPDATE  from Raquel Estrada,the wife of Anthony Estrada, who is experiencing retaliation for organizing and participating in the hunger strike:

Saturday afternoon, May 27 …I learned that Warden Rackley and Ms. Smith (Ombudsman) had a meeting with Anthony and “it pretty much got nowhere. Mr. Rackley is upset about the hunger strike and threatened my husband to have his visits taken, move him to another prison, give him a 115 [Serious Rules Violation] and revalidate him as a STG (Security Threat Group) gang leader for his role of organizing the hunger strike.

“Sunday morning [May 28], I arrive to visit and a C/O tells me to step aside because the Sargent would like to speak with me and to have a seat. After a couple of minutes the Sargent informed me that my husband is no longer at the facility and was moved earlier this morning to DVI Tracy. I didn’t believe they transferred him out, because they rarely transfer inmates on weekends, much less holiday weekends. However, I drove on to the state prison in Tracy, where the visiting Sargent confirmed that he is there, once again in “ad seg,” which is really solitary confinement without any of the humane reforms won in Ashker v. Brown.  So that’s where he is now in DVI Tracy ASU. I’m not sure if the Warden Rackley will follow through with his other threats to revalidate my husband.”

• Hunger Strikers’ DEMANDS AND GRIEVANCES at Folsom Prison
Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity 5/28/17

• CA’s Folsom State Prisoners Launch Hunger Strike Against Solitary Confinement TeleSUR 5/26/17

• Folsom Hunger Strike began May 25, 2017 – Your support is needed 
Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity 5/26/17
Includes announcement of Hunger Strike; Media Release from people in Folsom Prison on strike; numbers and emails of officials to contact in support of the strike

• Hunger strike set to begin May 25 in Old Folsom ASU/Ad-Seg SF Bay View 5/16/17
Summary of ongoing issues with the conditions of confinement that violate the Eighth Amendment, leading to prisoners in ASU at Old Folsom State Prison to begin Hunger Strike on May 25, in order to have their voices heard.