Having Issues Visiting Your Loved Ones? (Make Reports to Life Support Alliance)

When visiting loved ones, many family members have experienced the arbitrary, petty and often illegal actions at many prisons.  Life Support Alliance  has been asked by a Senate investigative body to collect and collate visiting issues, ahead of a study and report by this group to the Senate.

Send your visiting issues to Life Support Alliance, preferably not one-time events, but those systemic abuses that are going on at too many prisons affecting too many people.  Anything from not being allowed to take documents into visiting, to clothing hassles, to punitive regulations about when prisoners can get bathroom breaks.

Even if you think someone else will send in your issues, send them anyway, as we’re out to show how widespread and pervasive these abuses are.  As many of you know we’ve tried getting the department to address these issues and the buck keeps getting passed up the line.  So let’s see where the buck stops when the Senate starts asking the CDC questions.

Thanks to you all, looking forward to compiling a tome for the Senate to take a look at.

Vanessa Nelson
Life Support Alliance
(916) 402-3750


One thought on “Having Issues Visiting Your Loved Ones? (Make Reports to Life Support Alliance)

  1. Last weekend when I visited my son, he said, “mom I need to go to the bathroom really bad.” I told to go ahead and tell the CO that he needed to go. He told me he would have to be taken back to his building and would not be allowed to return to the visit. I was appalled. No restroom time for prisoners during visiting.

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