HAVOQ Supports the Hunger Strike

On this day that Pelican Bay Prisoners begin their indefinite Hunger Strike against inhumane prison conditions, the new anti-immigrant law HB57 is set to be implemented in Georgia. This legislation will accelerate the detention of immigrants.

On this day, as members of community and labor groups in SF, we will go to the Wells Fargo Headquarters to call attention to the inhumane logic wielded by those who profit from the incarceration and criminalization of our communities and demand major shareholders divest their holdings in the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and the GEO Group (Geo), private prison companies that run immigrant detention centers and prisons for the U.S. government.

Members of SF Pride at Work/HAVOQ stand in solidarity with Pelican Bay Prisoners because we understand that supporting the Pelican Bay prisoners is to be connected across the prison walls meant to disappear so many of our loved ones, friends and neighbors. We understand our support of the Pelican Bay prisoners to be connected to organizing a movement to end the US prison system which now cages millions of people.

We shed light on prison profiteers like Wells Fargo because we understand our struggle is also to fight against the devastation and demonization of our communities at home and abroad. We understand our support to be connected to combating the violence of policing.

As queers fighting for social and economic justice, we see our support connected to the struggle for affordable housing, more jobs, better education, relevant and empowering programs for youth and formerly incarcerated people, sustainable health-care, and overall community self-determination.

In solidarity,
(Li Morales from)
SF Pride at Work/HAVOQ

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