Urge CDCR & CA Elected Officials to Honor the Prisoner’s Demands!!

Stand with the Prisoners! 


Write & Call Governor Jerry Brown and your elected officials and urge them to pressure the CDCR to negotiate with the prisoners and honor their demands!:

Governor Jerry Brown
State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 445-2841

“Hi my name is _________ and I live in CA. I’m calling about the statewide prisoner hunger strike that resumed on Sept 26th. I support the prisoners & their reasonable “five core demands.” I am alarmed by the CDCR’s refusal to implement these demands. I urge you to make sure these demands are implemented for all SHU-status prisoners in CA immediately and in good faith. I also urge you to lift the CDCR’s ban on lawyers from the prisoners’ mediation team, and ensure the CDCR ceases all retaliation on the hunger strikers. Thank you.”

Look up your State legislators’ contact info here!

Call Legislators

Holly Mitchell ph (310)342-1070  fax (310)342-1078

Tom Ammiano ph(415)557-3013 fax(310)557-3015

Curt Hagman ph(909)627-7021  fax(909)627-1841

Nancy Skinner ph(916)319-2014  fax(916)319-2114

Sample Script for Phone Calls:

“Hi my name is _________ and I live your district. I’m calling about the statewide prisoner hunger strike that resumed on Sept 26th. I support the prisoners & their reasonable “five core demands.” I am alarmed by the CDCR’s refusal to implement these demands. I urge you to make sure these demands are implemented for all SHU-status prisoners in CA immediately and in good faith. Thank you.”

Support the hunger strikers by contacting the CDCR & your representatives and urge them to negotiate with the prisoners and honor their 5 demands!

Make Calls and Write Letters to:

Secretary Matthew Cate
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
1515 S Street
Sacramento  95814
Phone: (916) 323-6001

CDCR Public Affairs Office: (916)445-4950

Sample Script for Phone Calls:

“Hi my name is _________ . I’m calling about the statewide prisoner hunger strike that resumed on Sept 26th. I support the prisoners & their reasonable “five core demands.” I am alarmed by the the CDCR’s refusal to implement these demands. I urge you to make sure these demands are implemented for all SHU-status prisoners in CA immediately and in good faith. Thank you.”

86 thoughts on “Urge CDCR & CA Elected Officials to Honor the Prisoner’s Demands!!

  1. There must be a better method, process, program, attitude and behavior in this very complicated and volatile prison problem. Other states have made progress. We CAN treat everyone with care and concern – it isn’t about billions of $$, it about being a brother’s keeper. Like it or not, we are. I support this hunger strike and changes in SHU policies.

    • Some people do not like change,some are uncaring and cold. Other states probably have those in charge who have more common sense to make a change. California is a state that is ruled by fear,fear of change.

      • I agree.,… societies fear is what’s stopping these inmates from progressing in society

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  6. The prisoners who are involved in this hunger strike, have my full support! They are human, and deserve to be treated as so. It’s cruel how they are treated. The inmates aren’t asking for much! Give them what they want and make the system a place where they can better themselves and learn from their mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance and I’m sure those who have been incarcerated for 15+ yrs will not return!

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  8. It is true the prison medical doctor that will be in charge of our loved ones medical condition is a murdering doctor that killed an incarcerated citizen at Walla Walla who was in surgery for a broken ankle. Dr. Michael Clifton Sayre, MD just didn’t turn on the ventilator, and he was the anesthesiologist. His license was disciplined but it is too old and isn’t on the web site so I have asked for a copy. It is documented on his CA license. He allegedly also force fed a mentally ill inmate brutally. I will try to find more on that too. I support the strike and my Husband is in the SHU doing it. The strike is scary as he and the others are willing to die; and the doctor in charge probably would prefer they did. As my loved one puts it he is already dead and is buried alive in a concrete coffin. He is already under weight to begin with because of the lack of quality and quantity of the food. He can’t buy enough at the “store” on the money they allow him to spend to keep him fed properly. He is all muscle which burns more calories without exercising. The incarcerated citizens are asking for the bare basics and to stop being tortured because they will not debrief. The CDC (R-the joke; rehabilitation I will not add it until they add it to the program) has no right to further torture and deprive them. There isn’t a crime worthy of this treatment; as Prison is the punishment. They are isolated and deprived of physical contact as well as close family ties unless we drive 1600 miles round trip to visit for an hour and half; or fly at a cost of $500 per trip each; or we move to Crescent City or other surrounding town without jobs. We have to give up our well paying jobs, our family ties and established lives in Southern CA. They could and probably would move them despite our sacrifices to further make life difficult for the families. Aging parents in their 60, 70 or 80’s can not physically or financially afford to visit. A phone call would change everything for the incarcerated citizen and his family.

    • same doctor that has been there for years. that’s the one! Yup they have had to deal with his useless revoked medicine license for a while.. go ahead and do some research on him… it is APPALLING

    • Inmates get to spend $180 monthly at the store and get to purchase packages every 3 months. They also get 3 nutritional based meals a day. They also get to purchase all the food while at visiting every weekend from hamburgers to pizza. The inmates also share food the order from the store. So tell me more about the torture they endure? Or maybe tell me about the real torture their victims endured

      • that is a person on the mainline not the same as solitary confinement. They are living in a prison within a prison. Please I urge you to do a little more searching on this matter and I am sure you will change your mind. We live in a society that condemns torture in other countries yet we practice it here daily.

      • Three nutritional meals as in a bologna sandwich everyday for lunch,,,contaminated water…please… you eat those meals and stay healthy. as for commisary ….have you ordered a package…you can barely get any items every item is like 3 or 4 dollars and I have seen many of the same items at my local 99 cent store. everything is over priced and unhealthy. When these inmates get out they all need a serious detox.

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  10. I fully support the Human Beings/prisoners on the hunger strike at Pelican Bay!!! I ask that the demands they are asking for be honored. To be treated fairly, respectfully as all human beings should be treated regardless of our actions. Anyone reading this that is interested in a way we could create a better system check out this video on Youtube: Michael Moore Goes to Norway & Visits a Prison of the Future.

  11. I’m a huge supporter of this issue because my cousin is a prisoner in Pelican Bay State prison. He has written me several letters to push this amongst my friends family and loved ones. He’s told me the cruel and inhumane way the CDRC treats them there in Pelican Bay. please make a push and tell as many people that you know and spread the word around. My cousin has told me their not going to stop until they get their privileges re-instated.And like he stated if someone dies from this then so be it… a statement has to be made! It’s sad to read the letters from my cousin on how the CDRC has treated these men like animals… shoot like he quotes ” animals get treated better than we do” the fact that the taxpayers money that’s supposed to feed and give these men a “somewhat” decent life isn’t being used for that purpose… then where is the money really going to???And they wonder why the state of California is in the state of financial crisis that it is in. Please I hope everyone does their part and contact everyone that you can in order to make their word mean something.

    Thank you all,


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  14. I am a wife of an inmate being housed in Pelican Bay SHU. I was fortunate enough to be with my husband this past weekend as the strike began. I would like to first thank you for taking the time to write the article on the hunger strike. As family members, we are not asking for the release of these prisoners, but merely there constitutional rights to be recognized and acknowledged. Like my husband, many of the men housed in the SHU at Pelican Bay are sentenced to indeterminate SHU terms. This means they can serve their entire sentence in deplorable conditions. The men I know personally have served at least 10 yrs in the SHU with no light at the end of the tunnel for release into general population. CDC is right when they say there is a way out of the SHU….it’s die, debrief or parole. Parole is a long way off for most of these men, therefore death is a more realistic option. Debriefing is what placed many if not most of the men in the SHU in the first place. In ones desperate attempts to get out of the SHU they fabricate or distort facts and drop names so that another individual will take their place as they enter a sensitive needs yard. Which brings me to my next point. The individuals on the SNY yard include molesters, murderers, retired gang members…basically the worst of the worst. No different from the individuals in the SHU except for the fact that they used someone else’s name to get them some sun light or an occasional phone call home. In the debriefing process nothing has to be proven. Sure CDC will tell you that everything is researched….but is it really when they will use art work or a sympathy card to connect you to gang activity? Come on now, is this where our taxpaying dollars go????? Not to mention the fact that these prisoners in our California prisons are treated far worse than those held at Gitmo or Abu Grahib. I am asking you dig a little deeper for the facts behind this hunger strike. I drive 16 hrs once per month for a two visits equalling 3 hrs behind glass. I will do it forever if I have to, but some where some how our system has to change. Otherwise sentence these men to death, because they are dying every day that they spend without light, human contact, religious or educational services and below par medical care. How many men will have to die before changes are made.


    Patricia Aguilar 951-729-5147

    • i completely agree with you..same thing happened to my husband..i went on a trip to mexico n took many pics of landmarks n statues n they held those against him..they failed to mention the fact that i also sent pics of statues of abraham lincoln but there was no hearing on him being a patriatic american for him having that pic…only the ones of his beautiful culture was held against him…now he is serving an undeterminable time in the shu…RIDICULOUS….makes me angry that this can be done

      • My fiance is in Pelican Bay and is also part of this strike. It takes a serious toll on them as they need to stand up for their rights. I find this deplorable and we need to continually support them & their efforts. Their is no race or religion in this only to be treated as human beings. My fiance’ will be there for life and I will walk along side of him & give all the prisoners my up most support in this time.

    • Wow Patricia aguilar everything u have said is the truth . My brother just got validated because some people dropped some names ….. A lot of people are not aware of his torture . I wasnt until now that my loved one has been subjected to this. We need to develop a system to create awareness . The more people know the more power . Shame on the CDCR !!!!! For treating these human beings worse than animals .

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  16. I support the inmate hunger strike i do belive in their human rights, specially if they are being treated unjustly, my brother an inmate @ tehachapi supporting this hunger strike and being a diabetic, im afraid for his health,life but do support his intentions, i believe if we not only as family of these inmates but everyone out here as a public stand together in one voice speak out for these human beings who sometimes are looked down at just because theyr “inmates” not understanding that they also deserve a second chance . Some PEOPLEdont have the heart sometimes and see that they never know if one day it might be one of their love ones in this situation and then they will also need the same help or support. So please any one and everyone who hears or has a merciful heart support these inmates by calling the news media, or calling our elected officials of CA, ect. I will also try having people call from Arizona “lets spread the word out to all the public” please!

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  19. I’ve read about the despicable conditions at Pelican Bay for over 15 years now. Prisoners can be put in SHU on a flimsy pretext, and there’s no judge, no legal support system, they can turn to. It makes your blood boil. I support the hunger strike and hope it’ll have some positive results.

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  24. I stand along and besides m brutha’s during this hunger strike for what they are doing is right and I am my brutha’s keeper be he black, brown, white, asian.All Power to the People. Even while they serve time for a mistake they made they still deserve to be treated with respect & honour and most of all humility. To be human is to error during one’s lifetime.

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  26. soy padre de un prisionero y estoy enterado de el trato inhumano hasia muchos prisioneros apoyo incondisionalmente a todos ellos y personalmente le pido alas autoridades competentes por favor traten de resolver este problema lo mas pronto posible, antes que se empeore la salud de estas personas que no por ser prisioneros dejan de ser seres humanos

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  29. Thank you for posting the appropriate phone numbers here. It is a travesty against human rights that the CDCR has not already negotiated in good faith with the hunger strikers.

  30. I support the hunger strike and all my loved ones affected by it. We can sit here and go on and on about the horrible conditions BUT PLEASE WRITE LETTERS MAKE PHONE CALLS TO SACRAMENTO & THE CDC ITS UP TO THE POLITICIANS & THE BIG WIGS TO GET OFF THEIR HIGH HORSE AND START DOING SOMETHING!!!

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  33. I strongly support this.strike we must do something to bring attention to the inhumane treatment in prisons, people belive that once a person is in prison, atta sight otta mind… these are human beings..and they are giving their very lives for better , more humane treatment. prison is to get a person out of society …not to kill their mind body and soul…. THE EXODUS PROJECT OF NJ frimly supports… STOP THE MASS INCARCERATION OF AMERICANS!!!!.

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  36. agreed, prisoners are peacefully protesting unconstitutional and fiscally illogical conditions, using the only form of political speech they had. Gov Brown’s continued inaction and unwillingness to use his power to force the Dept of Corrections to negotiate with prisoners shows he is complicit with the inhumane treatment of human beings. The Dept of Corrections is a non-rebahilitative environment which is bleeding CA taxpayers millions for no reason other than incumbent vendors and ineffective bureaucrats, and are profitting from this captive consumer system, much like the school-lunch vendors. Solitary confinement is cruel and unusual and unconstititonal, and very fiscally irresponsible. On a practical level, expenses for individual outweigh collective-shared living arrangements, on a long-term social level, solitary confinement causes severe PTSD (worse than torture) which renders rehabilitation almost impossible, and increase the dependency of these individuals on the state for future incarerated care. The dept of corrections will say it’s the only wa to deal with violent action, but what other way to does the dept of corrections offer these individuals to exert their human agency? The Dept of Corrections set people up to be violent by not offering any other way to have control over any aspect of one’s life. When prisoners show reason, do we listen? No, we continue to force them into a role where the only way they have for obtaining power is violence anarchy and crime. Meanwhile, community members would love to donate their time for free to create and run programs in prison that rehabilitate and offer hope. Will the Dept of Corrections allow these free programs into prisons? No, they say that there’s no data that they work. Meanwhile they offer no evidence that the incumbent vendors’ programs are effective, telling me to look up vague “reports” on the matter. Gov Brown has the authority to let the community volunteers provide programs in prisons for FREE, so there’s no excuse! Why isn’t he doing anything about it? and how can Gov Brown enjoy hiking the Sierra’s when people would rather die than live another day in a corrections facility?

    • What I don’t understand is Jerry Browns attitude with regard to prisoner rights. After all he is the one that gave them their rights to begin with when he held office the first time. He was all for humanity and good care, family ties and rehabilitation opportunities. What has happened to change his mindset? Just another official bending to the graft in this state, not to mention the all powerful “Union”.

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  43. The CDRC is corrupted to the bone .They have absolute power over the lifes of people in California prisons and if you need to know what absolute power in the hands of bigoted,ignorant people does you don’t need to look any further than Nazi Germany.I can’t believe that a civilized country would allow these conditions to take place in a “so called”rehabilitation environment.

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  45. These people are doing all they can to make sure they ALWAYS have a captive population that they get paid for warehousing – and apparently abusing. I know the Prison Guard’s Union a couple of years ago paid out 2.5 MILLION dollars to defeat a measure in California to decriminalize marijuana possession and use. Nonviolent, ordinary people are made into criminals with laws that make crimes of a actions that have no victims, and here we see the reason for it: people are making money from it! The conditions in these prisons are destructive to the soul, and calling it “rehabilitation” is obscene! Sentences are added to with blackmail, lies and no sort of verification, not even any sort of review. That means they get to keep a pot smoker for life as long as this system is kept up as-is. THIS is why we have the largest prison population in the world – because it’s profitable! It’s the same reason we have wars – because the rich are making money from them! This has GOT to change! Little by little, they’re finding ways to make slaves or abusers of us all!

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    the hunger strike has provoked CDC to do things like take away visits and personal affects like TVs.
    Sweatsuits mailed to prisoners have NOT been handed out and are being withheld as more retaliatory punishment to prisoners.
    Mathew Cate and Scott Kernan REFUSE to communicate with prisoners’ lawyers and will not play in a manner that notes any human concern, They have LIED to the prisoners and are DEMANDING the prisoners give up all demands. they are REFUSING to honor anything they have promised the prisoners and are telling them one thing while telling the public something else entirely.
    The Prisoners are tired of being lied to and will ONLY communicate to the Governor
    IF YOU: have any compassion and heart at all, you will take ALL EFFORTS to communicate to Governor Brown and, like the prisoners, not waste your time with the CDC heads. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE… DEMAND CATE AND KERNAN BE FIRED!!! and take on no replacement other than compassionate players.

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  55. Today, September 28, 2011, while driving I was listening to KPFK,’s Michael Slate who interviewed the Secretary (I don’t remember his specific title) who called the hunger strike a “disturbance” and the prisoners would be punished for that. What makes a person label a “hunger strike” as a punishable disturbance? How come these prison officials and staff are not held to the Geneva Convention? How do we “trust” such people to supervise our loved ones safely??? This “treatment” is the perfect definition for “cruel and unusual”.

  56. My husband is an inmate at salinas valley and he and 100’s of other inmates are supporting by participating in the hunger strike.. Today cells were searched and any food they had in their cells that were purchsed in a package or canteen was thrown in the trash.. From what I heard is they will also get a 115 for participating.. The CDCR needs to make some changes already!

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  60. It sickens me to know that CDCR is getting away with this and it is frighting to think if they are allowed to behave in this manner with no repercussions,then it will get worse everywhere. I live on the east coast if there is anything I can do please let me know. I have been spreading the word,I wish i could do more

  61. How long do these men have to suffer at the hands of another man? God says in His Word, “Vengence is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord” (Romans 12:19b). God did not die and leave anyone in charge of the laws on this earth. God is in charge and He isn’t pleased with the suffering of his children. I pray God will have mercy on those who feel they need to punish these men for what they believe is right. These aren’t demands, just merely a request to be treated with respect and treated as a HUMAN BEING. They may have committed heinous crimes, however; God is the judge of them. The Bible says in Matthew 7:1-2; JUDGE NOT, that ye be not judged (2) For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. What this means is law enforcement is not exempt from being judged by the same judgment they are putting upon these men. There are prayers going up for these men to maintain a sound mind. Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Friends, Body of Believers and enemies; Let join forces to pray for these men. They need strength to get through this. Let’s ask God to have FAVOR on the men. Father I ask that your will be done in this situation. Father I ask that you strengthen these men, don’t allow them to feel the hunger pains. In Your Word You said: “The joy of the Lord is our strength.” Father I’m asking that you encamp your warring angels all around them so no hurt, harm, danger, destruction or violence come upon them. Father I ask that you give them sound mind and not allow the attacks of the enemy overcome then. Whisper in to their spirits in the midnight. Satan I bind up you and your imps on earth as God binds you up in Heaven. I cast you out the lives of these men and send you back to dry places from whench you came from. You will not prevail in the hunger strike of these men in the name of Jesus. I bind up any sickness and diseases that you try to place on these men in the name of Jesus. I decree and declare that these men will be hydrated, their bellies will be filled with rivers of living water, and God will get the victory out of the unity of these men in the name of Jesus.

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  64. We are in the 21st century and I note with horror that we are still in the middle ages, no progress in the prison system, discrimination still evident, how do you know that the prisoners do not show up with hatred in their stomach? Is what you think all the people who are in jail because they deserve it? do you still naively equal opportunities? not me! that’s why I support the movement of prisoners.
    The man has a conscience that he used!

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  66. This entire system must change!!! If some of our brothers and sisters are living a nightmare, then we all are, no matter how we attempt to deny it. What kind of inhumane and strange reality have we created. Governor Jerry Brown where is your conscience??? Please remember what Justice looks like, what compassion, and peace look like on behalf of the men being tortured. Yes, tortured!!!! America’s criminal justice system is barbaric!!! Evil!!!!! This entire society requires a serious upgrade!!!!!! We better wake up as a collective… My heart is strong and there are many of us with strong hearts…. We will be Victorious!!!! Peace, Love, and Happiness will prevail on Mother Earth!!!! I remember, they remember, We remember….

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  68. Everyone is suffering involved… The victim , the perpetrator, the famlies … all. The entire system and society is sick. If anyone thinks the Criminal Justice Systems is the answer, we are in trouble.
    Our entire world needs an UPGRADE! Every direction you look. Humankind needs to wake up! We are in a spiral of suffering… We require a peaceful and kind world. People in the prisons are suffering, people on the outside are suffering… How can we make this world better. We can squabble over these details for eons… it is just how the powers that be want it… we argue and are divided century after century. We are caught in a Matrix so deep most have no idea.. Checkout some esoteric teachings of David Icke, Santos Bonacci, Jordan Maxwell, Sevan Bomer… I do all that I can in this world to uplift and change. May we wake up and create a better world… Create wholeness and balance within…

  69. Hello there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this write-up to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

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  72. Well, if inmates want more then they should stop breaking the law and respect others rights. Last I checked it’s a prison not a holiday in. The only thing they should be eating is bread and water.

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