A Call for Every CA Prisoner: 150,000 Calls on the CA Legislature Supporting the Hunger Strike

Stand with Prisoners!

Support the Hunger Strikers in Winning their Demands!

The US imprisons over 2.5 million people in jail, prisons, detention centers and juvenile halls, about 150,000 of whom are CA prisoners.

Hunger strike supporters rallying outside capitol building in Sacramento

While hunger strikers recover from two rounds of the historic strike in the summer and fall of 2011, supporters outside need to send a clear message of support to the CA legislature and continue building pressure to fully implement the five core demands.

Let’s jam the CA Legislature’s communication with overwhelming support for the hunger strike! A Call or letter for every CA prisoner!

Look up your state representatives  and call, write, email & fax your representative today!

Download open letter here (word document) and mail/fax it to your representatives!

Click here for a suggested Phone Script.

Click here for a suggested Email Script.

Download & print fliers: click here for double-sided flier; click here for single-sided flier

Weekly vigil and gathering outside Alameda County Courthouse supporting the hunger strike

How to Support the 150,000 Calls  Drive (from outside of CA too!)

2 thoughts on “A Call for Every CA Prisoner: 150,000 Calls on the CA Legislature Supporting the Hunger Strike

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  2. HI there I have just come across this web page about your HUNGER STRIKE SOLIDARITY as a christian in the UK I have to say that the american Gouverment say about the human Rite Abuses around the world Yet Dont do any thing about the Human right Abuses in America the American Gouverment should look after there own people Know matter who those people are in America I have to Say I was born in the UK Yet I am Pro American. Also I am Thinking About going on HUNGER STRIKE my self Because of the way I have been Treated By the Health Department in That thay will not give me help as I am not an Alcoholic, or Drug Addict, or a person who has Mental Problems, Yet the health Department will Help the ones Who are Intimadating and Bullying Me to utter Disspair and real Fear and Yes I am a Christian Yet I Need Help Know one is listening so it seems so the only other Option is to go on HUNGER STRIKE. Yet what I am Going though is just the tip of the Ice Berg. as I work and Live in a Homeless Charity as a Homeless Man Yet A lot of Big problems started to words me when I came to this Charity were The Charity Managers Promised me thay would Do there ( DUTY OF CARE To Help Me in what I asked For Help in as I wanted and Needed Help in sertain Parts of my Life ) ( God Knows i would not have stayed in this Charity if The Charity Managers If I Had None the Charity Managers were Going to Abuse there DUTY OF CARE And there Abuse of Power over Me in the way thay have done so for many Years) Now One thing I have to say in what My Christian Counciler Out side of the Charity i am in My Counciler said to me in ( 2004 – 2005 ) He said what my Charity Managers Have Done to My Life Could Take Years To Irradicate If ever and what Little self Esteam You Have left The Charity Managers are Destroying.If the Charity Managers Had Done There DUTY OF CARE Towards Me you would Not be in This mess Today My Counciler Said The Charity Managers Have coursed you A lot of Seriouse Trouble To My Life. Yet there are A lot of Big Names Who Back The Charity Managers Well None Names Like ( Camilla Parka Bowls and her Husband Charles ) ( Jerry Hall ) Yet Just Because The Famouse Names Dont Know whats Going on Behind The Seens Does Not Mean there not Part of it In Directly, in some Way As Ignorance Is Know Part Of The Law. In This Country Yet Rich And Famouse People Can Get Off with so Much Unlike The Homeless People Like My Self Which Are Emoshonaly Abused, Pyscologicaly Abused, Mentaly Abused, Spiritulay Abused, By People Who Abuse there Power Over People Like my Self Which Needs Help and Crys Yet Know One Seems To be Listening.So I will Be Going On HUNGER STRIKE To Get My Message Across. P.S. Sorry About The Spelling As I Have Dislexia.

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