3 thoughts on “High Desert Demands

  1. I know there are more problems than this at this facility. The lack of respect and pure evil treatment coming from the guards is inhumane. Inmates having to wait over 3 months at times to get their packages because a Correctional Officers refuses to give them to inmates (namely Officer Bartos). Furthermore, taking id’s away from inmates and refusing to make new ones gives the inmates no recourse. Similar reports of mail being thrown away (both ingoing and outgoing) for no reason other than to harass inmates have been reported from CO Hood at High Desert State Prison. Inmates are told to make reports but this just subjects them to more harassment. No one cares until your family member is there. If anyone can help me with these claims further I would like more to know about the inhumane treatment at High Desert. I just don’t know what forum to go through and frankly I don’t want my loved one to be harassed more than he has been. I have been collecting names and information for a period of time to help with the inhumane treatment of these people.

  2. I am a Parent of an inmate at HDSP, I can only imagine what the conditions that my son and all the inmates must have to undergo, it is easy for those on the outside to judge our loved ones for being where they are to begin with, I am a law abiding person, who has worked most of my life, I have never been in jail much less prison, but having my son as far as HDSP is, and not being able to see him is heartbreak and painfull, and now to have to worry that he is being treated badly and not eating, it is heart wrenching.

  3. All Inmates within our California Prison System need to be heard, their demands are so basic, Governor Brown, have compassion, we voted for you! do what is right for our loved ones!!!

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