Corcoran Demands





1)      Family Visits: For all lifers, including Close A prisoners.

2)      Olympic Weights: We are requesting that Olympic weights are placed in prison gyms. And/or weight machines and Stairmasters.

3)      Joint Venture Programs: We are requesting meaningful jobs on all prison facilities such as joint venture programs and trade earning jobs for rehabilitation purposes.

4)      Video Games: As prisoners in other states, California prisoners are requesting the use of video games under the equal protection clause.

5)      Computers: We are requesting the use of computers with limited internet capabilities.

6)      Racial balance: A racial balance with respect to correctional officers in certain prisons (Corcoran etc.)

7)      Food: We request better food that does not contain soy meat or other synthetic meats.

8)      Entertainment: We request influential celebrity entertainment (music, comedy, and spiritual entertainment)

9)      Photos: We are requesting to be able to take photos on the facility yards again.

10)  Nude Books: CDCR has removed all nude books owned by prisoners without proper authority, the Zimmer Bill never passed.

11)   Packages: We are requesting that our packages be sent personally by our families as opposed to a contracted CDCR vendor.

12)  Referee: We are requesting an impartial referee to preside over 115 hearings to ensure a fair hearing under the 6th amendment of the U.S. Constitution; instead of CDCR officers who prejudicially have an interest to uphold the officers’ report-proforms.

13)  Defective Products: We are requesting that CDCR stop the selling of defective products via package vendors such as TV’s, CD players etc. which are sometimes issued with an operational defect.

14)  Withdrawing Funds: We request that the CDCR stop withdrawing funds from our trust account for restitution purposes when the monies are sent by family members or friends and are not legally considered inmate wages.

15)  Restitution Cap: It is requested that a cap be placed on how CDCR can take from a prisoners trust account. It is requested that the now 55% restitution level is reduced to 25%

16)  Equal Protection Clause: it is requested that Male prisoners be able to make the same purchases in package items as Female prisoners. For example female prisoners are allowed to purchase jeans, honey and sugar products, and men are not allowed.  There is no division amongst the two other than gender.

17)  Funds: We are requesting that CDCR provide funds for an outside sponsor when there is a feasible proposal by any prisoners’ constructive, self-help, mentor or study group to include groups such as this U.K.B.

18)  Sexual Orientation: We request that the CDCR provide alternative to and resources for heterosexual male and female prisoners who do not engage in homosexual activities, such as condom venders for homosexual prisoners in hopes to reduce the spread of STD’s.  Alternatively we ask that sex education classes, massage vibrators and/or therapeutic dolls.

19)  Underground rules: CDCR has constantly utilized unwritten rules when dealing with the prisoner population, and because the prisoners may complain about the underground rule the officers will retaliate against the prisoners as a whole in order to make the rule acceptable by the prison population, this violates our constitution.

20)  Wages: We are requesting a pay raise from the standard 13 cents an hour to $1.00 an hour in respect to inmate labor.

21)  Visiting Clearance Delay: We request that the long delay in processing the visiting forms be put to a halt, due process was not created to discourage inmate family members.

22)  SHU Personal Property: It is requested that the property of prisoners in the SGU are not sent back to the prisoners family and the postage deducted from the prisoners account.

23)  Hugo Pinell: We request that prisoner Hugo Pinell #A-88401 be released from the SHU.

24)  Lynne Stewart: We request that Lynne Stewart be released from Federal custody based on her health concerns. See

No More “Christian Gomez,” who died in ASU CSP-COR!

Submitted: William E. Brown, T-58106

Head Minister, U.K.B.


WE THE UNITED K.A.G. BROTHERS PRISONERS UNION GROUP DO INCORPORATE THOSE DEMANDS SUBMITTED ON DECEMBER 28, 2011 signed by our head minister and petitioner William E. Brown #T-58106,

 Listed as follows:

Demand 1) That inmates here in CSP-CORCORAN /ASU be allowed to posses TV’s and/or radios.

Demand 2) That ASU I/M’s are provided access to an adequate library and/or legal assistance.

Demand 3) That I/M’s not be further punished upon completion of their SHU term.

Demand 4) That ASU I/M’s are afforded adequate and timely medical care.

Demand 5) That ASU I/M’s are afforded due process in 115 hearings.

Demand 6) That ASU I/M’s are allowed phone access.

Demand 7) That ASU I/M are provided with adequate laundry exchange.

Demand 8) That canteen food items are given in their packaging.

Demand 9) That ASU I/M’s are afforded educational and rehabilitative programs and opportunities.

Demand 10) That ASU I/M’s receive the same privileges as SHU I/M’s

Demand 11) That no reprisals be taken for the employment of our rights petition.

            As we frontier our left 4 dead movement from prison to the street we in addition demand that you stop federal/state funding of the prison system, and redirect those monies towards schools and education.  Moreover, developing programs for vocational training, and redemption programs for parolees.


CSP-CORCORAN Facility A, Lead Petitioner: King William E. Brown (AKA) P.Y.E Face U.K.B Minister of litigation/information.


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