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US-Based Media

Solitary Watch (8/7/12): Political or Gang Activity? “New Afrikan” Inmates in Solitary Confinement

SF BayView (8/6/12): On the Abolition of Solitary Confinement

San Francisco Bay View (3/21/12): Prisoners in solitary petition United Nations: ‘CDCR destroys our minds, souls and spirits’

Fresno Bee (2/14/12): Corcoran Inmate in Hunger Strike Dies

Bay View (12/30/11): New hunger strike: Petition for improved conditions in Administrative Segregation Unit at Corcoran State Prison

Solitary Watch (12/30/11): Isolated CA Inmates Continue their Fight for Reform

Solitary Watch (12/28/11): New Video: National Religious Campaign Against Torture Takes a Stand on Solitary Confinement

Colorlines (11/21/11): Secrecy Surrounds Inmate Suicides in CA State Prisons

SF Weekly (11/18/11): Advocates Link Inmate Suicides to Recent Hunger Strike

Criminal Injustice (11/16/11): Pelican Bay is Not Enough: Continuing the Struggle Against Extreme Isolation & Sensory Deprivation by Victoria Law

California Watch: (10/27/11): Reform could transfer hundreds of inmates out of isolation units

BayView: National Black Newspaper (10/11/11): Medical condition of hunger strikers deteriorates, some days away from death

CNN (10/4/11): Thousands of California Prisoners on Hunger Strike

Revolution Newspaper (10/3/11): 12,000 Prisoners Resume Hunger Strike in California

KQED (10/3/11): Prison Officials Investigate Inmate Advocates

Huffington Post (10/3/11): Inmates Prolong Prisoner Hunger Strike By Eating In Shifts

LA Times (9/30/11): Lawyers for Hunger Striking Inmates Want Meeting With Gov. Brown

New York Times (9/29/11): Prisoners Renew a Protest in California

San Francisco Chronicle (9/29/11): Prisoners Resume Hunger Strike

KQED (9/29/11): State Officials Warn Discipline for Inmates on Hunger Strike

Sacramento Bee (9/29/11): CA Prisoners Launch Second Hunger Strike

Central Coast News (9/29/11): Inmates Across California Going on Hunger Strike

GrubStreet Los Angeles (9/29/11):  Prison Officials Threaten Hunger Strikers with Taking Away their Food

North Coast Journal (9/29/11): Caged

The Nation (9/28/11): Cruel America

Mercury News (9/23/11): California Prisoners Plan to Renew Hunger Strike

California Watch (9/23/11): Inmates Vow to Resume Hunger Strike

Revolution Newspaper (9/8/11): Hidden Behind Concrete and Barbed Wire: Hearings Expose Torture in California’s SHUs

KPCC (8/23/11): Under Scrutiny, Pelican Bay Prison Officials Say They Target Only Gang Leaders

Sacramento Bee (8/23/11): Prison Officials Promise Review of High-Security Cells

Mercury News (8/23/11): State to Reconsider Prisoner Placement in Highest Security Units: Watsonville Teacher Testifies in favor of more Education for Inmates

KQED (8/18/11): Prison Officials Say Conditions Will Improve, Inmates Ready to Strike Again

SF Gate (8/17/11): Prison Tour Counters Charges of Poor Conditions

Solitary Watch (8/17/11): Give US in Here the Strength to See this Thing Through: A Chronicle of the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike

San Antonio Express (8/15/11): ‘Baddest of the Bad’ Lead Solitary Lives

The Daily Triplicate (8/10/11): Coastal Voices: Why Inmates are Fed Up

Alternet/Angola 3 News (8/9/11): After the Hunger Strike: Criminal Justice Activist Discusses the Potential Impact of Prisoners’ Action

Al Jazeera (8/5/11): Supermax Prisons: 21st Century Asylums

Yahoo News (8/1/11): Untitled

New York Times (8/1/11): Cruel Isolation

The Examiner (8/1/11): 1000s Stand with America’s Tortured Prisoners: Solidarity Day Success 

Revolution Newspaper (7/31/11): Prisoners at Pelican Bay End Hunger Strike…The Struggle Against the Inhumanity of Solitary Confinement Continues

Good To Go (7/28/11): The Shame of California

Color Lines (7/27/11): From Attica to Pelican Bay: A Brief History of Prison Rebellions

North of Center (7/27/11): Hunger Strike

National Catholic Reporter (7/27/11): CA Prisoners Assert Their Humanity with Hunger Strike

Workers World (7/27/11): Pelican Bay Prison Hunger Strikers Declare Victory

The Examiner (7/27/11): City of Angels Defends Pelican Bay Prison Hunger Strikers Thursday

The Informant, KALW News (7/27/11): Prison Dispatch: Critical Resistance & the Hunger Strike

New York City Independent Media Center (7/26/11): Starving for Justice–CA Prisoners Still Need Support

The Examiner (7/26/11): America’s 100,000 Tortured Inmates: Most Pressing, Ignored Human Rights Issue

Revolution Newspaper (7/24/11): The Humanity & Courage of the Prisoners…

Times Standard (7/22/11): Prison Hunger Strike Ends After 20 Days; Advocates Say Strike Raised Awareness about Prison Conditions

UPI (7/21/11): Hunger Strike Still on at 3 Calif. Prisons

Philly News (7/20/11): Marc Lamont Hill: Why We must Stand in Solidarity with the Pelican Bay Prisoners

Colorlines (7/19/11): Inmate Health Dwindles as As Prison Hunger Strike Enters Fourth Week

LA Times (7/18/11): Prisoners’ Hunger Strike in its Third Week

MWC News (7/18/11): Prisoners Strike Against Torture in CA Prisons

PhillyIMC (7/18/11): Banner Drop in Solidarity with the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike

Imperial Valley News (7/18/11): Hunger Strike Rally at CDCR Headquarters

BuzzFlash (7/18/11): Hunger Strike: CA Prison Inmates Protest Cruel & Unusual Conditions

San Francisco Bay View (7/18/11): A Matter of Life & Death

Sojourners (7/18/11): Who is Organizing the CA Prison Hunger Strike?

The Examiner (7/18/11): Dying for Human Rights: Calif. Mass suicide in prisons continues, Day 18

SolitaryWatch (7/18/11): Who are the Hunger Strikers? How Prisoners Land in Pelican Bay’s SHU

New York Times (7/17/11): Barbarous Confinement

The Daily Censored (7/17/11): Prisoner Hunger Strike Enters Crisis Stage

The Examiner (7/17/11): Statewide Calif prison called, human rights protests spread nationally

Revolution Newspaper (7/17/11): We are Human Beings!

FireDogLake (7/16/11): Isolation, Indeterminate Sentences Used to Extract Confessions at California Supermax Prison

The Nation: (7/15/11): Budget Cuts and the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike

The Nation (7/14/11): Support the Pelican Bay Hunger Strikers

The Daily Triplicate (7/14/11): State Denies Inmates are in Bad Shape: Advocates Say Some Fasters Seriously ill

Solitary Watch (7/14/11): Starving in Solitary: California Prison Hunger Strikers Health Declines, But State Will Not Negotiate

SF Chronicle (7/14/11): Calif. sees gang ties in prisoners’ hunger strike

Ocean Beach Rag (7/14/11): CA Prison Inmates End 2nd Week of Hunger Strike– State Continues it’s Disinformation Campaign

The Informant (7/13/11): California Prison Hunger Strike Continues through Twelth Day

SF Gate & Oakland Local (7/11/11): Solidarity Supporters gather in Oakland, continue protests in SF today (with slideshow)

FireDogLake (7/11/11): Pelican Bay Prison Hunger Strike Shines Light on True Character of US Prison System

Common Dreams (7/9/11): CA Prisoner Join Hunger Strike to Protest Solitary Conditions

ColorLines (7/8/11): Thousands of CA Inmates Show Solidarity with Prison Hunger Strike

GrubStreet Los Angeles (7/8/11): Massive Hunger Strike Unites California’s Factious State Prisoners

SF Chronicle (7/7/11): Inmates Stage Hunger Strike for Better Conditions

Seattle PI (7/711): Thousands of CA prisoners refusing state food

New York Times (7/711): Hunger Strike by Inmates is Latest Challenge to California’s Prison System

The Daily Triplicate (7/7/11): The Hunger Strike Continue at Pelican Bay

LA Times (7/6/11): Inmate Hunger Strike Expands to more California Prisons

UPI (7/6/11): Hunger Strike Expands to 11 Calif prisons

The Informant (7/6/11): Is CA Torturing Prisoners at Pelican Bay?

KPCC (7/6/11): Thousand’s Join Strike Over State’s Prison Isolation Units

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Press Release (7/5/11): Prisoners across at Lease 6 CA Prisons Join Pelican Bay Hunger Strike

LA Times (7/3/11): State says prison hunger strike involves fewer than two dozen inmates

KQED News (7/1/11): Pelican Bay Prisoners Reportedly on Hunger Strike

SF Gate (7/1/11): Pelican Bay Prison Inmates go on Hunger Strike

SF BayView (6/30/11): Corcoran SHU Prisoners Join Pelican Bay Hunger Strike

California Watch (6/29/11): High-Security Prisoners to Start Hunger Strike

The Informant/KALW News (6/29/11): Pelican Bay SHU inmates plan hunger strike

SF Weekly (6/29/11): Pelican Bay Prisoners Plan Hunger Strike to Protest Solitary Confinement

San Francisco Bay Guardian (6/29/11): Hunger Strike Highlights Horrible Prison Conditions

Black Agenda Report (6/28/11): Pelican Bay: Hunger Strike in Super-Max

Revolution Newspaper (6/26/11): The Living Hell in Pelican Bay State Prison

International Press Articles

Al Jazeera- English (8/3/11): Overcrowded Jails Inimical to Justice

Al Jazeera- English (7/10/11): Hungry for Californian Prison Reform


The Guardian (7/25/11): A Hunger for Justice in Pelican Bay

International Observatory on Stability & Conflict (7/18/11): Hunger Strike in CA prisons: the Human Cost of Incarceration


Montreal Mirror (7/14/11): No to Prison Business


CubaDebate (7/16/11): When the Strike is in the US


Anarchist Black Cross- Berlin (9/29/11): Wieder Hungerstreik in Knästen in Kalifornien

Junge Welt (7/7/11): Gefangene hungern: Proteste gegen Isolationshaft in Kalifornien weiten sich aus. Bereits Tausende im Streik


KPFA Hard Knock Radio (9/30/11): Without Walls (begins @ 14:45)

KPCC (8/23/11): At hearing, Prison Officials Says Pelican Bay Isolation Policies will Change

NPR (8/23/11): Conditions of California Prisons to be Reviewed

KQED (8/23/11): Security Housing Units, Extreme Isolation at Heart of Hunger Strike, is Subject of Hearing

KQED: California Report (8/23/11): Inside Pelican Bay Prison: A Tale of Two Inmates

KPCC (8/18/11): Inside Pelican Bay State Prison’s ‘Secure Housing Unit’

KPCC (8/15/11): KPCC’s Sacramento Reporter Julie Small tours the Secure Housing Unit at Pelican Bay State Prison

KPFA (7/29/11): Without Walls Show: Update from Family Members (starts around 19:15).

Uprising Radio (7/28/11): Pelican Bay Prisoners Suspend Hunger Strike, Call for Continued Solidarity

BlogTalkRadio (7/19/11): Update on CA Hunger Strike

KPFA (7/18/11): Evening News Coverage of Demonstration in Sacramento. (Starts at 39:50).

KPCC w/ Julia Small (7/18/11): CA Inmates on Third Week of Hunger Strike Risk Injury, Death

Prison Reform Movement/BlogTalkRadio (7/16/11): Pelican Bay–CA Hunger Strike Solidarity!

KQED Public Radio  (7/15/11): California Prison Hunger Strike

On The Block (7/14/11): Pelican Bay State Prison Hunger Strike: CDCR Response From the CA Prison System w/ Terry Thorton

KPCC w/ Julie Small (7/12/11): Relatives Say CA Inmates on Hunger Strike Getting Sick, Weak

KPCC w/ Julie Small (7/11/11): CA Prison Inmates Enter 11th Day of Hunger Strike

KPFK (7/8/11): The Michael Slate Show

KCSB No Alibis (7/6/11): CA Prisoners’ Hunger Strike

KQED The California Report (7/6/11): Pelican Bay Hunger Strike Spreads to Other Prisons

KPCC with Julie Small, Southern CA Public Radio (7/1/11): Pelican Bay Prisoners on Hunger Strike to Protest Conditions

Hard Knock Radio, KPFA (6/24/11): Interview by Manuel La Fontaine with Laura Whitehorn & Ed Mead


Press TV (10/6/11): CA Inmates’ Hunger Strike Continues

KCRA (7/18/11): Demonstrators Gather to Support Inmate Hunger Strike

AlyonaShow/ RT America News (7/15/11): Massive CA Prison Hunger Strike

KTVU Channel 2 News (7/15/11): Protestors in Support of Pelican Bay Prisoners March in SF

Democracy Now! (7/15/11): Protests Grow in Solidarity with CA Prisoners As Hunger Strikers Enter 3rd Week

TheRealNews (7/15/11): Ongoing Hunger Strike at Pelican Bay Prison

Free Speech TV (7/11/11): CA Prison Hunger Strike

Univision 34 (Los Angeles): Reos de CA siguen en huelga de hambre (CA Inmates Still on Hunger Strike)