Contact Officials to Support Folsom Hunger Strikers

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To support the strikers, contact the following officials:

  • Chief Deputy Inspector General Roy Wesley: 916-255-1102
  • Ombudsman Sara L. Smith (the person who is supposed to check on welfare, investigate complaints, etc.): 916-324-5458
  • Governor Jerry Brown: 916-445-2841

If you are sent to a secretary or voicemail, leave a message for the official you are trying to contact.

Guide to making prison human rights advocacy calls here.

Sample script
“Hello, my name is ____________ and I’m a resident of _______ (name your state). I am calling in support of the hunger strike that began in Folsom State Prison ASU on May 25th.  I am deeply concerned about the cruel and inhumane conditions of confinement there. I urge you to meet the Hunger Strikers’ reasonable human rights demands and do not retaliate against them.”