April 21, 3-5pm: ‘Solitary Man’ Benefit Show for SF Bay View Newspaper to Stay in Print!

BIG Bay View BENEFIT 4/21: ‘SOLITARY MAN’ at the Black Repertory Group Theater

3201 Adeline Street, Berkeley, CA 94703 (1 ½ blocks from Ashby BART)
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1476593779118037/

It’s the biggest venue yet for “Solitary Man: A Visit to Pelican Bay State Prison,” and the wonderful folks at the Black Rep, led by the legendary Mona Vaughn Scott, are donating it to support the SF Bay View newspaper! Let’s not miss this opportunity to fill all 250 seats and meld ourselves into a fighting force for justice.

For only $10 admission, you’ll be enriched by an unforgettable and deeply transforming play by Charlie Hinton, who is working nonstop to make this benefit a big success; hear some sweet trumpet playing by co-star Fred Johnson; listen to and get involved in a panel discussion with decade-long solitary confinement survivor José Villarreal, “First Sister” of the Prison Movement Marie Levin, and Ashker attorney Anne Weills; and enjoy the company of 250 activists young and old, plenty of us to change the world. Family Pot Catering will have delicious food and beverages for sale. Go to Brown Paper Tickets, https://solitaryman.brownpapertickets.com/, today and buy up a row for you and all your friends!
– Mary Ratcliff, SF Bay View Editor

Performance by Charlie Hinton and Fred Johnson.  Directed by Mark Kenward

In Solitary Man, Charlie travels to Crescent City to visit a lifer named Otis Washington (played by Fred), a 64 year old native of New York City, who’s been imprisoned since 1975 and at Pelican Bay since it opened in 1989. During the visit, Otis explains some of what he has learned and experienced.

Following the performance – a Panel Discussion with:

José Villarreal – formerly incarcerated in solitary confinement at Pelican Bay SHU; published artist and author; prisoner advocate

Marie Levin – sister of “Brutha Sitawa,” one of the four “main reps” who helped organize the 2011 & 2013 hunger strikes; co-founder of The Prisoner Advocacy Network/PAN, member of CA Families Against Solitary Confinement/CFASC

Anne Weills – co-counsel with the Center for Constitutional Rights on Ashker v. Brown, the case that ended indefinite solitary confinement in California. She continues to fight for enforcement of the settlement.

Response to Solitary Man:

I/WE want to Thank Mr. Charles Hinton for the wonderful work he is doing on our (Prisoners in California) behalf. We need for the world to see a glimpse of our daily suffering through this play, Solitary Man!!!
–Brutha Sitawa
Pelican Bay Hunger Striker,
Signer, Agreement to End Hostilities, 2012

i/WE applaud Charlie Hinton for using his time, talent and creativity to help our tortured Class get the true story of our ordeal out to the World. A Solidarity Power Salute To You Charlie for your Solitary Man play.
–Brutha Baridi
Pelican Bay Hunger Striker
Signer, Agreement to End Hostilities, 2012

I’m a mother of a son that been in the prison system now 10 years. To hear Charlie put a voice to my silent pain lifted me. It gave me hope and strength that I need to finish this journey with my son.
–Denise Jones

You should definitely not miss this show.  Very important, very appropriate, right on time.
–Kiilu Nyasha

Donate to the SF Bay View: All of us who have internet access can read the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper (http://sfbayview.com/) online, but for tens of thousands of our readers, the monthly print edition is essential. The core of the Bay View’s readership lives in the hood or in prison.

The millions of people in prison and the hoods are our FREEDOM FIGHTERS. From the most intense oppression, like diamonds from coal, comes an unquenchable thirst for liberation – and the Bay View gives that force a voice and an organizing network.

A prisoner in California writes: “The person next cell down asked me if I’d like to read your newspaper … and guess what? I didn’t put it down till I read the whole paper. I loved it.” From Georgia: “I share the paper with countless people, making the younger ones aware of injustice.” From Pennsylvania: “Thank you for the opportunity of getting to know so many others’ struggles, to be able to see that when I am having a bad day that one of my brothers or sisters may have it worse.” From Florida: “The Bay View is an oasis of answers in a desert of questions.” From Texas: “I am in deep gratitude to you for seeing the light in me and giving me a chance to shine.”

“Mass incarceration is a nationwide problem, and the Bay View is the link that solidifies us in this fight.”

The Bay View is the only newspaper widely read both inside and outside prison.  Please help keep it going!

6 thoughts on “April 21, 3-5pm: ‘Solitary Man’ Benefit Show for SF Bay View Newspaper to Stay in Print!

  1. Thank You very Much for including me in this newest performance of Solitary Man. It is of much respect and I am honored you included me

    On Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 2:07 AM, Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity wrote:

    > prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity posted: “BIG Bay View BENEFIT 4/21: > ‘SOLITARY MAN’ at the Black Repertory Group Theater 3201 Adeline Street, > Berkeley, CA 94703 > > (1 ½ blocks from Ashby BART) Facebook event: https://www.facebook. > com/events/1476593779118037/ It’s the biggest venue yet for “” >

  2. Great work you do! We’re trying to Free the MOVE 9, after over 39 years of innocently jailed, political prisoners of frank rizzo, and the good ol boy system is still keeping them in!

    • Free the Move 9! People can call, email, and fax the PA Board Of Probation And Parole and urge (insist on) parole in May 2018 for Debbie, Janet, and Janine Africa.
      Info from Justice for the Move 9 (https://www.facebook.com/Justice-For-The-Move-9-1554141098166210/):
      Call The Parole Board (717) 772-4343, Tweet The Parole Board @PAparole, Fax The Parole Board at (717) 772-4375,
      Email The Parole Board at RA-pbppopc@Pa.gov

      In our demands for parole we want to stress that the women are good candidates for parole and have made all of the requirements .

      Debbie Sims Africa 006307, Janet Holloway Africa 006308, Janine Phillips Africa 006309
      All imprisoned at: SCI-Cambridge Springs, 451 Fullerton Ave, Cambridge Springs, PA 16403-1238

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