Feb 1st: RALLY Against the Torture of Prisoners

2016- PHSS- End Sleep Deprivation Rally- Feb 1

Rally Against the Torture of Prisoners Feb 1, 2016

As of February 1st, it will be 181 days that the men in Pelican Bay SHU have been tortured by sleep deprivation. For six months the men have been awakened every 30 minutes, 48 times per day, due to so-called “security/welfare checks” by guards.

“…they’re killing us with these Guard One/Welfare Checks…I don’t know what to do? We really are suffering right now and I can assure you that this is worse than the hunger strikes.” PB SHU prisoner Oct. 2015

Join us in Sacramento on February 1st, 2016 at 1:00 pm to rally against the torture of prisoners!

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) claims these ‘checks’ will prevent suicide. Instead, these checks are causing serious psychological and physical harm. John R. Martinez, in solitary for 15 years, stated that the checks “are counter-productive to their so called intended purpose (mental health care) and serve zero legitimate penological purpose other than to harass and mentally torment us prisoners.”

Come and stand with us to put an end to torturous ‘welfare checks’ in the SHU.

RIDESHARES will be leaving from Southern California, Santa Cruz, the SF Bay Area, the North Coast, and locations in between. PHSS will help with travel expenses.  Please contact phssreachingout@gmail.com, 510-426-5322 if you need or can provide a ride. You can also message Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity on Facebook.

We need to make the Senate and Assembly Public Safety Committees and Governor Brown stop this now!

We must keep the pressure on!

Media Advisory HERE.



This Monday! If you are planning to join us in Sacramento or hoping to join us, here’s some important info for you:

**Please RSVP if you are able to offer a ride (let us know from where and how many passengers you can take) OR need a ride (let us know from where): 510-426-5322 or phssreachingout@gmail.com.

We have a rideshare meeting location at Ashby BART parking lot in the East Bay at 8:30am and 10:30am. The Ashby BART is on the Richmond BART line and, for drivers, is on MLK Way just south of Ashby.
*BART riders turn right after going through turn-styles to get to parking lot.
*Drivers entering the lot off MLK should drive down to the bottom of the road and turn right.

**For anyone who is interested, particularly family members of prisoners and formerly incarcerated folks, you will be able to meet with some CA state legislators at the Sacramento capitol building. Initial meet-up spot is in the capitol building in the basement cafeteria at 11am. Laura Magnani from AFSC will be there to meet you.
*This is the reason for the earlier ride share meeting time at 8:30am.


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