VIDEO from “Sleep Deprivation” Emergency Protest

Please watch and share this amazing video:

Liberated Lens was with us in Sacramento on, Nov 30th, the 119th day of sleep deprivation in Pelican Bay SHU.

The torture, waking people up every 30 minutes- 48 times a day- is still going on.  It is now 132 days and nights.  It must stop.  We need to amp up our opposition. 

Make calls to demand a STOP to the 30 minute “checks” in Pelican Bay SHU:
  • Governor Brown – 916-445-6001
  • CDCR Secretary Jeffrey Beard – 916-323-6001
  • Pelican Bay State Prison – 707-465-1000

4 thoughts on “VIDEO from “Sleep Deprivation” Emergency Protest

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  2. I called the governors office, no answer, Called Mr.Beard, no answer Called Pelican Bay, I first talked with Katlin, then A Man , then David White, who actually said, Yes they check every 30 minutes, however they are not awakened. I asked Sir how’s that possible. He then name again an my telephone number, in which I gave to him.Began to ask him more questions. he then said I need to call.916- 445- 4950.

  3. Everyone used to whine about how ex-cons were “institutionalized” and couldn’t provide for themselves upon release. How will they be doing after.years of torture and chemical poisoning with psychotropic drugs? Not very good, huh. But no ones this debate. Its all about vengeance and sadistic punishment for these nazis. Thats
    why theres a hell forever.

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