Human Rights Pen Pals Seeks 59 Community Pen Pals in Next 59 days (by Sept 5, 2015)

Celebrate The Courage of Hunger Strikers of July 8, 2013: Help Human Rights Pen Pals Connect with 59 Pen Pals in 59 Days

Inspired by the call to action by Dolores Canales of California Families Against Solitary Confinement 

For more information:
or write to
Human Rights Pen Pals, 1301 Clay Street, P.O. Box 71378,  Oakland, CA 94612

The most recent hunger strike for the Five Demands lasted from July 8, 2013 to September 5, 2013 — 59 days — and involved over 30,000 people locked in CA prisons, as well as hundreds of other prisoners, young and old, throughout the United States.

It was the largest hunger strike in history and brought the issue of solitary confinement to the attention of the media, legislators, the United Nations, and the public in general, resulting in legislative hearings, proposed (but failed) legislation, media attention, and solidarity actions both nationally and internationally.

Honor the courage of those who engaged in this nonviolent action at great harm to themselves:

–serve as a pen pal;

–reach out and invite a friend to apply to serve as a Human Rights Pen Pal using our new online application; and

–share this email and our new facebook page (which also has our application link) widely with your networks

In solidarity,

Annie, Nicole, Mike, and Tynan
Human Rights Pen Pals Leadership Collective

3 thoughts on “Human Rights Pen Pals Seeks 59 Community Pen Pals in Next 59 days (by Sept 5, 2015)

  1. 7/8/15

    I am already a pen pal with 5 prisoners
    who participated in the 2013 prison
    hunger strike. I got their names and
    addresses mostly from the statements
    they wrote that were published in the
    SF Bay View during the strike. Now
    I hesitate to discuss their continuing
    efforts to make changes in the prison
    system because I think I might get them
    in trouble unnecessarily. One of them
    volunteers this information but the others
    don’t. How do you suggest I handle this

    I think your pen pal idea is good, but I
    think the required frequency of writing
    to the prisoners is too much. I had no
    trouble showing that I cared about the
    people I wrote to in the first letter I wrote,
    and all of them wrote back to me. As may
    be obvious to you, I personally cannot
    take on any more prisoner pen pals
    at this time.

    In solidarity,
    Joan Peters

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