17 thoughts on “Petition: Hunger Strikers Must Receive Appropriate Medical Care

  1. The hunger strikers incarcerated by the state of California have not given up theirs rights to appropriate medical care merely by taking political action with their bodies. By refusing to give adequate and decent care to the strikers, the state of California and the CDCR are only further demonstrating their violent retaliation against those brave enough to sacrifice their bodies to call attention to an abhorrent human rights issue. I urge those in power to keep the hunger strikers as safe as possible given the circumstances. This is a political act that is symbolic of the literal desperation the CDCR has created for inmates, especially those in SHU. If the CDCR wants to prove that it cares for those involved with the strike, it must ACT NOW, and give the strikers the medical attention they deserve.

  2. All Prisoners who participated ,and specially those who are still,must receive special Medical Atention I demand that CDRC to Assists Them right away! They also need to be treated psychologically,They need to Hi release from SHU.!!!

  3. All CDCR Prisoners Who Participated on the Hunger Strike Specially Those Who Still Are, Must receive Medical Atention! I demand CDRC to Assist Them Physically and Emotionaly INMEDIATELLY. !!!!

  4. All human beings have inherent worth and dignity which must be respected regardless of anything else simply because they are human.

  5. CDCR Pisoners Who Participated on the Hunger Strike Must Receive Medical and Psychological Treatment Immediately.!!! As CDCR Start Negotiating Whit the Prisoners Mediators to Resolve this Matter and begin to Make Significant Changes on Behalf All Prisoners on SHU, Ad/Seg,and other Solitairy Confinements .We Families & Friends Demand Medical Treatment

  6. You would rather let these men starve then to give them proper medical attention? Then what makes you better then these men? You will be a murderer and you deserve to be in prison if one of these men die.

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