Responses to CDCR Secretary Jeffrey Beard

“In a recent OpEd, CDCR Secretary Beard, defends his agency’s use of torture, and justifies it by vilifying and dehumanizing some of its victims,” as law professor Caitlin Kelly observes. Fortunately Beard’s piece has not gone unanswered. Here are three responses:


2 thoughts on “Responses to CDCR Secretary Jeffrey Beard

  1. Hunger striker responds to Corrections Secretary Beard’s op-ed demonizing hunger strikers (SF Bay View)

    Lies and distortions fill Corrections Secretary Beard’s op-ed dehumanizing prisoner hunger strikers (Indybay)

    Report on August 7, 2013 Press Conference in front of LA Times Building; Statements from Notable People and from Families with Loved Ones in Isolation (StopMassIncarceration)

    Emergency Press Conference…. – a Response (California Prison Watch)

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