CDCR Medical Phone Numbers for Families

Family members who want to call the CDCR to ask about loved ones inside have two options. Please note that these are not for general public use.  CDCR is now saying that family members should receive information within 24 to 72 hours.

Inmate medical inquiry line:  (916) 691-1404.

Hunger Strike Hotline:  (916) 324-3397.

4 thoughts on “CDCR Medical Phone Numbers for Families

  1. It had been my experience that you still have to have s consent to release the info on file (7385 form) the health inquiry line will still call you and let you know if there is not one on file – if you don’t have one on file you should call the prison/ speak to medical and request they send the form to inmate because mail is not getting to them – 21 days and longer for Tehachapi – phone numbers to institution are on the cdcr website / click the Omsbudsmen tab

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