Sign the Open Letter to Gov. Brown

Please add your own name to the Open Letter to Governor Jerry Brown, and share it widely. Find it at Stop The Torture. Celebrities including Jay Leno and Bonnie Raitt have helped to get it some press on the AP wire as well as the LA Times but the point is to get thousands of signatures from all over – don’t be shy!

Invitation to sign open letter

9 thoughts on “Sign the Open Letter to Gov. Brown

  1. I truly hope Governor Brown really do somthing to Stop The Torture which has been used for decades at CDCR. Please do the Right Thing!!!! God Bless You.

  2. End the hunger strike, conditions are about as favorable as hitler and his regine, lets not repeat this. We are all human beings and the prisoners have already been judged, now lets treat them as humans and accomadate their simple requests.

    • I’m having the same problem not able to sign the open letter to the governor? Please fix the problem so that we can sign the open letter,


  3. These treatments just create more problems for the public when the prisoners are released. It cuases more mental issues in them thus placing them (exprisoner) in the revolving door of the prison system. And only keeps prison workers employed. And the torture continuing. Please break the cycle. Its not only the prisons,its also police stations. Just like the Asian kid just released after 3weeks in a city jail. They forgot about (noticing a pattern) and finally someone saw him and released him. And now who pays that bill we the public $1.3Million and no money for public schools. Hummmm. The public is sick if this. We can’t pay for schools and teachers but we can’t pay mistreated prisoners. Let’s get the money from prison officials pay checks and we will see change.

  4. This is not the answer its wrong in so many ways who are you to say that a human should be treated this way only the lord up above has that power not you…many are damaged by this and its not just the inmates that are hurt by this thier families are hurting as well each day that goes by not knowing if their loved ones are dead or alive in good health or bad this is pure torture for everyone involved may the lord help you to realize and give you the heart to undo this torture!!!

  5. We can not treat bodies in the prison system as expendable machines, the only reasons prisons were made was to rectify and help people do better and that cannot be achieved with more violence and crime inside the cells. Each person has a story and jails should not be used as spaces for their bodies and souls to rot. They are still humans with feelings and a voice whom at one point made a bad choice or was born into a bad environment with only bad choices to chose from.

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