Statewide Demonstration to Support California Prisoner Hunger Strike to be Held at Corcoran Prison

Press Contact: Isaac Ontiveros
Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition
Ph: 510 517 6612
What: Demonstration/Rally
When: 3pm
Where: Corcoran State Prison, 900 Quebec Ave  Corcoran, CA 93212
Corcoran,CA–Hundreds of people from across California will converge on Corcoran State Prison Saturday to show their support for one of the largest prisoner strikes in history.  People will travel from Northern, Southern, and Central California to speak out against the conditions faced by thousands of prisoners being held in solitary confinement. Demonstrators are determined to put pressure on the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) and Gov. Jerry Brown to enter into honest and binding negotiations with strikers around their demands.  Prisoners continue to hunger strike and refuse work in more than 20 California prisons, with 30,000 participating this week.  Hunger strikers are demanding an end to to the use of indeterminate solitary confinement, as well as comprehensive changes in the CDCR’s notorious debriefing policy, which is used to brand thousands of prisoners as part of “security threat groups” and compels them to inform on other prisoners in order to be released from isolation.  Prisoners are also asking for an end to group punishment and access to adequate food and educational programming. Over 10,000 people are held in isolation in California prisons, many for decades.  Corcoran State Prison, site of Saturday’s demonstration, manages a Security Housing Unit (SHU), where nearly 2000 prisoners are held in isolation.
Hunger striking prisoners in Corcoran’s SHU issued as statement thanking the public for their support: “Without your courage, strength, and inspiration, the struggle to liberate ourselves from the grips of…tyranny would not be possible. Our love and solidarity to and for you is absolute. A fierce embrace…”
Spokespeople will be available for comment at the Rally site.
For ongoing hunger strike news, please visit:

2 thoughts on “Statewide Demonstration to Support California Prisoner Hunger Strike to be Held at Corcoran Prison

  1. Shame on Govenor Jerry Brown for leaving the country today for a two week vacation in Ireland and Germany! How convenient!

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