June 20 Statement From Pelican Bay Short Corridor Collective!

The principal prisoner representatives from the PBSP SHU Short Corridor Collective Human Rights Movement does hereby present public notice that our nonviolent peaceful protest of our subjection to decades of indefinite state-sanctioned torture, via long term solitary confinement will resume on July 8, 2013, consisting of a hunger strike/work stoppage of indefinite duration until CDCR signs a legally binding agreement meeting our demands, the heart of which mandates an end to long-term solitary confinement (as well as additional major reforms). Our decision does not come lightly. For the past (2) years we’ve patiently kept an open dialogue with state officials, attempting to hold them to their promise to implement meaningful reforms, responsive to our demands. For the past seven months we have repeatedly pointed out CDCR’s failure to honor their word—and we have explained in detail the ways in which they’ve acted in bad faith and what they need to do to avoid the resumption of our protest action.

On June 19, 2013, we participated in a mediation session ordered by the Judge in our class action lawsuit, which unfortunately did not result in CDCR officials agreeing to settle the case on acceptable terms. While the mediation process will likely continue, it is clear to us that we must be prepared to renew our political non-violent protest on July 8th to stop torture in the SHUs and Ad-Segs of CDCR.

Thus we are presently out of alternative options for achieving the long overdue reform to this system and, specifically, an end to state-sanctioned torture, and now we have to put our lives on the line via indefinite hunger strike to force CDCR to do what’s right.

We are certain that we will prevail…. the only questions being: How many will die starvation-related deaths before state officials sign the agreement?

The world is watching!

Onward in Struggle and Solidarity.

Todd Ashker
Arturo Castellanos
Ronald Dewberry, aka Sitawa
Antonio Guillen

22 thoughts on “June 20 Statement From Pelican Bay Short Corridor Collective!

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  2. We are following these grave developments closely here in Seattle. No New Jim Crow Seattle Campaign (NNJCSC) supports the efforts of all incarcerated to restore their basic human, civil and constitutional rights and is organizing to spread the word of this struggle to all rational human beings. We are anxious for the health and safety of those involved and realize the sacrifice that brave individuals are sometimes called upon to make. May the authorities reconsider their non-action so far and begin to implement in good faith the prisoners’ just demands in order to prevent the devastating consequences we know will come.
    NNJCSC is a grassroots coalition dedicated to ending institutionalized racism in the forms of mass incarceration and police repression in America, beginning with Seattle and King County.

  3.   “God has not called us to see through each other, but to see each other through.” (Anonymous)


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  6. For the past year I have written incarcerated people in several states and I have found Pelican Bay imprisoned people to be an encouragement to me to continue fighting in New York City to end solitary confinement on Rikers Island. I have begun writing 51 New York City council Members to issue a Resolution in support of the strikers demands. We are closely watching developments in California , because your struggle is our struggle. Allan Feinblum P.O. Box 8406 NY, NY 10116-8406

  7. I know Todd personally and he is a wonderful, deeply spiritual man who is a danger to no one – they have to focus on something in there to keep their sanity, and, ironically, in a bitter twist – Todd’s focus is the reason he is still there! His spirituality is the reason he is still sane! Send love and light to our brothers and sisters in solidarity! Jewels

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  9. I’m writing with someone in Pelican Bay and I do hope that there will be results after the strike


  10. A demonstration will take place in Times Square New York city on July 8th 2013 from 12:30 to 2P.M. in support of the demands of California incarcerated men and women in support of their five(5) major demands. JAC New York Jails Action Coalition opposes solitary confinement and we have educated the NYC Council of your demands. Frederick Douglas said: “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” Frederick Douglas stated: “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” allanfeinblum@aol.com

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  12. I pray that this gets resoved and that no lives will be lost due to the hunger strike and that justice will prevail. For God is a just judge and he sees what we don’t. Helen from Rancho Cucamonga, Ca

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