JOIN US! Rally & Public Hearing on the SHU in Sacramento 2/25


Join us on Monday, February 25th @ 12pm for a rally to hold CDCR accountable for their failure to end their torture policies and respect the human rights of prisoners! Then let Jerry Brown, California legislators and CDCR hear your voice at a public hearing of the state assembly Public Safety Committee at 1pm, and pressure them to end their silence and inaction on this crucial issue!

The Department of Corrections has implemented new statewide policies which they claim are a “dramatic” new change to how prisoners are sentenced to the SHU.  However, the new policies don’t change the fact that prisoners are still being gang validated for such innocent activities as possessing cultural artwork or reading political and historical books and articles. The policies also do nothing to alter or end the practice of long-term solitary confinement in California.

We need your voices at this hearing in Sacramento of the state assembly’s Public Safety Committee, led by Chairperson Tom Ammiano, where CDCR will defend their new policy!

Sign up here if you need a ride either from Los Angeles or the Bay Area! See you all there!

14 thoughts on “JOIN US! Rally & Public Hearing on the SHU in Sacramento 2/25

  1. I live in New Mexico, am too broke to join y’all, but please, please know I am with you in spirit & will be thinking of you all Mon Feb 25 from 11:30 on…please share a follow-up.

  2. address to rally and public hearing in sacramento..Feb.25, i’m from Sacto.and my son is housed pelican bay..shu..i have family and friends who want to speak and be heard..please respond back.

  3. I am the Mother of an inmate who has been in PBSP’s SHU for over 7years. Before that he was in New Folsom where he was also in their SHU at which time he was validated. I have not been able to touch my child in almost 9 years…What is the address so that I may participate at this meeting…

  4. My name is Donna Wallach. I would like to attend. I have a dear friend in PBSP incarcerated for over 48 years and in SHU for 43 years. I live in San Jose. I don’t own a car. Please let me know of carpool possibilities.

  5. I am a volunteer working with a prison project. I would like to speak at the hearing on behalf of some of the inmates i am in contact with. How will the opportunity to speak at the hearing happen? Will a line form once we are there? Thanks, Chantal

  6. For your interest and distribution to interested organizations and persons is a request we submitted about a week to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation under the California Public Records Act seeking copies of a large number of records dealing with CDCR’s policies, practices, training materials, monitoring, etc. regarding the placement of prisoners in solitary segregation. Our web page on work regarding this issue is

    Best, peter _____________________

    Peter A. Schey President Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law 256 S. Occidental Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90057 Telephone: (213) 388-8693 ext. 104 Facsimile: (213) 386-9484 Electronic mail:

  7. I wish I could be there but I have to work. I’m with you all in spirt and standing right by you all…!!! Please keep us posted on the outcome?

  8. Hello everyone I hope to see many people tomarrow ,…I will like to mention I have a brother who told me I believe STG COMMITTEE went out to prison and 8out 10 inmates who are validated SHU, were release to population please don’t LET this stop us from fighting this was done 3 days ago so I’m hoping it was not a show to put up and tell us tomarrow at the event…misleading anyone lwy pray they do continue

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