July 2012 Commemoration Events: Check out PHSS’ Mock SHU!

To commemorate the hunger strike, Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity constructed a mock SHU so that people outside prison can get a physical view of the torturous conditions prisoners are held in.

PHSS has been displaying the SHU for public viewing at Mime Troupe events throughout the Bay Area in July. If you’re in town, come check it out, learn more about the CA Hunger Strike and the prisoners’ struggles against solitary confinement & torture to win their five core demands.

Join us:

July 14th & 15th from noon-4pm @ Cedar Rose Park in Berkeley, CA

PHSS Mock SHU Showing @ Mime Troupe in Dolores Park, July 4th

July 21st fro noon-4pm @ Mosswood Park in Oakland, CA.

ALSO, JULY 16th 7-8:30pm, 518 Valencia St, San Fracisco : Make sure to attend and spread the word for our event: Solitary Confinement–Is it Torture? Featuring legal, family and former prisoner experts! Read more info here.

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