Family Members Commemorate the Hunger Strike

California Families to Abolish Solitary Confinement CFASC will be commemorating the historic hunger strike of  July 1st 2011  that spread from Pelican Bay State Prison to 13 other CA prisons and other facilities nationwide.
This hunger strike was initiated by Solitary Confinement prisoners in pursuit of their basic human rights.
 On July 1st 2012 at sunrise (approximately 5: a.m.) we will be meeting in Huntington Beach on the
corner of Beach Blvd. and Goldenwest (near the pier)  to remember those individuals in solitary
confinement who have not experienced this scene in decades.
In addition, we will use this forum to update everyone on the progress that has been made over the past year
regarding CDCR meeting the 5 core demands of these prisoners.
Despite being hit with wave after wave we are still standing united  and as strong as ever in our
quest to represent the voices of those behind bars that cannot be heard.
Last week, Senator Durbin made history by holding a hearing in Washington DC on the issues of solitary confinement.  We believe we are on the cutting edge of history and we welcome all of you to be a part of this celebration.

Come out and hear first hand from family members and loved ones how our taxes are supporting torture. You will not regret being a part of this event. Knowledge is power!!!

Should you require any further information please feel free to contact: CFASC President Dolores Canales at 714-290-9077  or Patricia at 562-639-8586.

6 thoughts on “Family Members Commemorate the Hunger Strike

  1. “…Last week, Senator Durbin made history by holding a hearing in Washington DC on the issues of solitary confinement. We believe we are on the cutting edge of history and we welcome all of you to be a part of this celebration….” Yay!!! I am holding your hands (in my mind’s eye) and you are in my heart. Thank you for your courage and your heart.

  2. I wish I was there instead of 2 hours ahead of you .My son is in Calipatria,once again in SHU.I will be with you in spirit at 7.00 New Orleans time my brothers and sister.Your sister in solidarity,Paola.

  3. My loved one is in the SHU at Pelican, I will be there in support of him. Everyday he goes thru hell being there without any real way of ever getting out unless he becomes a snitch.

  4. Friends of the California hunger strikers from Buffalo, NY, continue our support and send greetings to all commemorating the anniversary of the historic action by the prisoners at Pelican Bay, Corcoran and numerous other California prisons to bring to light the barbaric and torturous conditions imposed on people in that state’s SHU’s. Aware of the scores of thousands of prisoners similarly situated around the country Buffalo’s PRISONERS ARE PEOPLE TOO commenced a chain-fast in solidarity with the strikers which continued from its inception in July and its revival in October. The current U.S. Senate hearings into SHU conditions are a direct result of the actions of the strikers and their families and advocates and is a significant victory and milestone in the struggle to humanize conditions and policies in California’s gulag. It is apparent that California officials are half-stepping in meeeting the five core demands of the strikers but the current hearings may well bring a constructive focus on the plight and inhumanity of conditions in SHU’s and produce some real change in the future. Last September marked the 40th anniversary of the Attica uprising and massacre of prisoners; yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of the then-temporary abolition of the death penalty nationally. The hope of Attica was sorely tried and nearly died in the sickening boom of the “war on drugs” and the massive construction of a prison empire in America unprecedented in history. Similarly, the death penalty was reinstated in 1976 nation-wide and resulted in more than 1300 executions sine then, and more than 3100 men and women await their fate on death rows around the country. The New Jim Crow has been winning, and too many lives have been lost and damaged by a politics of reaction and racisim. Is there any hope of real change and reversal of the tragic consequences of decades of misguided policies and practices? You would think not based on objective factors, but we must recognize those beautiful sparks of resistance in the hearts of people in the hell-holes of California, Georgia, Texas and so on. Spirit trumps the numbers and the dollars, and we on the other side of the prison walls join you in our small way in celebrating the freedom and hope you have ignited in the renewed struggle for change. Peace and thanks for your continued efforts to bring down the walls of ignorance and indifference. Aleuta continua!

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