Family of a Hunger Striker Speak Out Against Death of Loved One

Christian Gomez was participating in the most recent hunger strike at Corcoran State Prison in the Administrative Segregation Unit (AdSeg/ASU), and died due to “medical conditions,” according to the CDCR. Gomez’s sister, Yajaira, speaks out on behalf of her brother and their family on Democracy Now. Attorney Carol Strickman, of Legal Services for Prisoners with Children and Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity, explains developments with the prisoners’ struggles against torturous conditions of solitary confinement in CA.

3 thoughts on “Family of a Hunger Striker Speak Out Against Death of Loved One

  1. Reblogged this on Wobbly Warrior's Blog and commented:
    These prisoners set aside all prior affiliations to stand as one (to the death) against solitary confinement, making nonsense of the argument that they can’t overcome gang affiliations and are therefore too dangerous for General Population.

  2. The only long term solution to these problems is community programs that involve much cheaper and much more effective skills training methods. This is evidenced based and backed up by research. Locking people up doesn’t work for non violent offenses has never worked at decreasing recidivism. Big money and big payoffs is how we got into this mess. If we did the right thing and actually worked with people in the community and help them learn better skills, in community based programs, that will be the solution. And look at all the jobs that will create and actually finally do some good.

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