Coalition Opposes Retaliation on Strikers & Supporters

On October 14, four individuals – one at the State Building in Los Angeles and three in front of CDCR Headquarters in Sacramento – conducted non-violent civil disobedience protests in support of the prisoners hunger strike.  They called for the prisoners’ demands to be met, and an end to retaliation against prisoners who were still on hunger strike or who had taken part in the hunger strike.


All were arrested. The three in Sacramento were arrested on 5 charges each.  We oppose the prosecution of protesters engaging in non-violent civil disobedience, especially while the CDCR is allowed to retaliate against non-violent hunger strikers and continue to hold prisoners in conditions of isolation and solitary confinement amounting to torture.


Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity supports people who stand with the prisoners and non-violently protest to support them.  We demand that any legal action against these individuals be dropped immediately.

5 thoughts on “Coalition Opposes Retaliation on Strikers & Supporters

  1. For shame!California is really starting to resemble one of those country where people can not express dissent without being inprisoned.Pakistan,Syria,China.We need to have the federal government looking into the way “justice” is administered here.

  2. Buffalo, NY activists continue a chain-fast in solidarity with the California prison hunger strikers. We fast to keep the fire lit and harbor the hope that this good protest will grow to prisons and supporters throughout the United States. We believe that government and the courts have abdicated their responsiobility to ensure humane treatment to prisoners and therefor condone torture and abuse, and we seek to educate and mobilize concerned citizens to get involved.

    In solidarity,
    Chuck Culhane, Karima Amin, Jerry Balone, Rev, Eugene Pierce, Charely Bowman, Nate Buckley, Lesley Haynes, Anon,. Brooke Reynolds

  3. When I think of how frustrated I feel when I think of the lack of response to the five core demands for humane treatment, of the number of phone calls & faxes I sent to Gov Brown and Corrections, I remember the inmates enduring the inhumane treatment and their non-violent response, I am inspired to make another phone call, send another fax. I only wish I could do more than that. To the inmates, their families, activists & supporters, I honor you and hold you all in my prayers for justice.

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