Prisoners at Calipatria Call Off Strike

Prisoners at Calipatria State Prison have decided to temporarily end their hunger strike to regain strength. Hunger strikers were subject to extreme retaliation at the hands of warden Leland McEwen and guards, including witholding water and vitamins. Reports from prisoners that indicated that many men were collapsing in their cells and that the guards were doing nothing when alerted. A family member said that the infirmary there was full and that prisoners needing medical care were being transferred to Centinela.

It is becoming apparent that Calipatria is basically used as a stepping stone to Pelican Bay or other California SHUs. A majority of the men held there have been validated as gang members and have effectively been given SHU status. Some spend as long as 4 years in solitary confinement, awaiting transfer. Calipatria has virtually no programming for prisoners, and prisoners frequently have nothing in their cells to enrich their days. The prison has prohibitted radios and television, which violates CDCR policy. The hunger strikers have added these items to their demands.

As prisoners throughout California continue their struggle for human rights and against torture, we must keep up the pressure on Governor Jerry Brown and the CDCR as the 5 core demands have only been minimally addressed We will continue to post updates as we get them. A recent letter from a hunger striker stated:

“A caged man is a spirit trapped in steel — leave him alone and his
spirit becomes one with his cage — it’s all he knows. Motivate him,
nurture and socialize him, and his spirit soars. It’s only then that the
man realizes the difference between him and his cage — the reasons for
it. Thus, allowing him to finally be free from it.”

11 thoughts on “Prisoners at Calipatria Call Off Strike

  1. The CDRC has had a long run of lording it over,monitoring themselves(what a joke for power crazy thugs!).May be now something will be done to end this reign of terror which brings shame to the state of California and the whole nation.Those prisoners are human beings and some of them have done nothing worse than using drugs and yet they are all treated as if they were the worst of the worst.And if we are truly a civilized nation we have to recognize that even the worst deserve a humane treatment because the way we treat them reflect on us as a people.

  2. If water and essential nutrients are withheld, then there will inevitably be deaths. I cannot imagine winning this battle unless that truth is faced. No one has the right to recommend this course of action but, in fact it was through his willingness to die this way that Gandhi gained independence for India and, for a while at least, stopped the conflict between Hindus and Muslims.

  3. I just sent a letter to all the hunger strikers in Pelican Bay letting them know their voices are heard all over the world. Does anyone have any more addresses for Calipatria or Salinas Valley Strikers, or where I was for 7 years- Centinella? Send them mail-It makes their day and gives them hope they are still thought of.

  4. We can no longer claim ignorance of what it does to a human, any human, who is locked in solitary. It deprives most of their sanity. To do that is inhumane. No more.

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  6. May God help all the hunger strikers in all prisons, especially, my brother who’s in Calipatria. And waiting on these so called ”governments”, or should I say, ”governor”, ” president”, what the heck no one is there to take some responsability and act with responsability about what our brothers are going thru. They ( California government) should be ashamed of themselves. Our loved ones in prisons show more education than the all government in the all nation together. I agree with everyone on top and rest. In name of all those prisoners, Thank all of you for your support .

    A desesperate sister.

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  9. This is happening all across the country in prisons in all states. Prisons trade on the stock market and people holding stocks in them make money off of the backs of men and women held on mandatory minimums and held unjustly and indefinitely in prisons all across America. It is appalling, disgraceful for these men to be held in solitary in such a degrading manner. It is barbaric and unconscionable and a black mark on anyone who treats any man so inhumanely. Any prison guard who witnesses such abuses , holding any man in solitary, must recognize his own humanity and speak out, they have to lead the way. They can do it anonymously. Families voices need to join in the fight. That our fellow citizens are put into shu indefinitely, many of them first time nonviolent offenders is an abomination and points to a system gone maThis will never help anyone. That prisons set themselves up as judge and jury of a man who has already been judged and juried in a court of law and taken his punishment by going to prison in the first place, that huge point seems to be lost on the wardens and guards at these prisons. Prison is hell to begin with, being removed from loved ones, wife, children, mother, father, family, friends, neighbors, life as we all know it, gone. And yet the prisons think that that is not enough and must have a pound of flesh or more, enough, oh the inhumanity of it, that they, the prisons would judge a man over and over and over again and treat the men so inhumanely. That is not for our prisons to do, we pay their salaries with our taxes and I for one do not want any man to be put into inhumane solitary Ever, I don’t care what any man has done. Most of these men are good men who just made a mistake, give me a break, where is your humanity? In the name of god how can you treat another man so?. No man deserves that torture, it is barbaric. May god have mercy on any man who works at these prisons who treats another man so cruelly and sadistically placing them in shu indefinitely. My prayers and thoughts are with this poor man who died like this and with his family. it was cruel and torturous to do that to him or to any man. I pray for all prisoners always. May god help them and their families, there are 2million prisoners in the USA, there are 4 million more on probation plus every mother of a prisoner, every father, every sister, every brother, every child, every aunt, every uncle, every cousin, every concerned friend, neighbor, church member that is 100 million people easily and we have a voice a Huge voice and we will stand up and let our voices ring out for those who sit in solitary for 23 hrs a day in a cage, the inhumanity of it. enough abuse, enough cruel and harsh treatment to our fellow citizens who deserve treatments and help not punishments let us all raise our voices and call senators and meet with them and rally bus loads to state reps offices. These poor men suffer every day we cannot remain silent while 2million of our fellowmen are enduring this. Many of these men are first time nonviolent offenders never forget. Very very few are crazed murderers, that is simply a mischaracterization of good and decent men who just deserve a chance. If you hear my message speak out now, do your part always, and when you see an organization that speaks for those poor men, join one, start one.. in being the voice voice for the poor voiceless men locked away. in the name of humanity we must. May god bless us all as we try to do whatever we can, each person doing their small part and when each person calls one person or two or five or ten that’s 2 million family members or 10 million I
    F all of the above make one call, write one letter. We must for these poor men. Thank you and god bless us all in the face of such inhumanity in our own country.

  10. yes the mail do make a huge difference.. all the prisoners need’s some type of support..we all need to start some type of source-forum for the prisoners just to send and receive mail

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