Day 18: Hunger Strikers Staying Strong, Continue to Speak Out

The courage of the hunger strikers continues in the face of severe repression by the CDCR, as today marks Day 18 of the second phase of the historic CA hunger strike.

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity has received letters from hunger strikers throughout the state, which have been severely delayed due to the CDCR’s retaliation of tampering with strikers’ mail.

Chad, a hunger striker at Pelican Bay, details some of the retaliation he has experienced for participating in the strike again:

In an effort to break my strike, they began withholding my pain medication as leverage. At first cold turkey until I reminded them of the Plata and the federal judge’s ruling that it is criminal to cold turkey a long-time recipient of medications for chronic pain. So they issued just enough to clear them, but so minute and ineffective to cause extraordinary pain, from both disease and withdrawal symptoms. When that failed they came to my cell and said I need to go to the CTC [infirmary] because I’m so sick and totally disabled. It’s very, very worse than SHU conditions. It freezes 24 hours a day and you are entitled only to the linen on your bed, what’s on your back, and a towel.

Chad, who suffers from end stage liver disease and hepatitis C, goes on to explain how guards ordered him out of his cell when it was clear his medical condition was worsening:

In an effort to ‘help me’ and ensure my dire health needs are met, when I refused to go they extracted me. A very brutal act. They did not enter as I prepared for, but instead, with three types of ‘toys’, an overwhelmingly suffocating gas, or like an impenetrable cloud or fog, filled my cell. Then they tossed in a type of gas bomb. Then hit me with a direct spray of another gas. On the verge of passing out I left the cell. Interestingly, all the taunting and provoking challenges [by guards] abruptly ended when the video camera arrived. What happened to me was wrong on so many levels.

Chad is currently in the prison’s infirmary under the care of the infamous Dr. Sayre, who is notorious for abusing prisoners. Chad ended his hunger strike after ten days.

Pelican Bay hunger strikers have also been transferred to Corcoran as retaliation for striking. During the first round of the strike in July, 17 strike representatives at Pelican Bay were transferred to Corcoran, a facility unlike Pelican Bay that is permitted to force-feed hunger strikers.

The CDCR has released that prisoners continuing to strike at only three prisons: Pelican Bay, Corcoran and Salinas. However, prisoners at Calipatria continue to write to the coalition & their loved ones, declaring the strike is still going strong in Calipatria’s ASU. The CDCR has continuously down-played Calipatria’s participation in the strike no doubt in an effort to conceal the breadth of their torturous conditions & practices across the state.

One prisoner hunger striking at Calipatria’s Administrative Segregation Unit (ASU) wrote to us explaining the significance of the hunger strike:

Men of respect, men of honor, have committed their lives to the struggle. Literally placed their lives on the line in order to put a stoppage to all these injustices we are subjected to day in and day out. People would rather die than continue living under their current conditions. That’s why to me, it is a privilege, an honor to be apart of the struggle, to be apart of history for the betterment of not only “me” but for all those inside these cement walls…I have joined this second hunger strike once again full heartedly with a smile on my face. I will go as far as my body allows me to go.

Rallies and events outside of prison in cities across CA & the US,  (including San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles and New York) are continuing to support the strike. You can support the strike by helping make 160,000 calls to Governor Brown by Wed October 19th, by attending a solidarity event near you, or by organizing an event with your community. Check out more ways to support the strike!

4 thoughts on “Day 18: Hunger Strikers Staying Strong, Continue to Speak Out

  1. I am so proud of the hunger strikers! This scares law enforcement because they are used to business as usual- infighting amoung the different races and gangs in prison, now they are united for a righteous cause-The 5 Core Demands must be looked at! Where is the Redemption in criminal justice? Who are the real criminals?

  2. ik ben Ali .el

    Hongerstaking uit protest tegen het misbruik en laster van de GGZ GGZNijmeegesebaan‏‏‏‏

    Toen ik begon de hongerstaking was mijn gewicht 91 kg netto van een zonder kleren, en nu ik weeg 75 kg Gewichtsverlies 17 KG en ik ben op het randje van de dood, geen enkele hulp van iedereen te zien aan mijn probleem op te lossen, ben ik voortdurend in de hongerstaking tot ik mijn rechterhand en een verontschuldiging als ze ondervond ik problemen gezondheid, psychologische, of voortgezet op een hongerstaking tot de dood, als het u belieft je zou me helpen om me te helpen voordat het wordt de dood, Dank u zeer

    Ik ben Ali uit Nijmegen. Ik ben in hongerstaking vanaf 23 augustus. Ik ben nu 57 dagen in hongerstaking omdat GGz Nijmeegse baan aangifte tegen mij heeft gedaan bij de politie. Omdat ze zeggen dat ik personeel (behandelaar en psychiater)heb bedreigd.Ik wilde een tolk bij een gesprek met Sandra Huijgens en de vertrouwenspersoon omdat zij mij verkeerd begrijpen. Zij wilden dit niet. En dan na een maand kreeg ik een brief dat zij aangifte hebben gedaan bij de politie. Ik heb de politie zelf gevaagd om informatie en ook mijn begeleiding heeft het twee keer gevraagd. De politie gaf mij ook geen infomatie. Ik heb aan iedereen hulp gevraagd omdat ik dodelijk bang ben. Niemand heeft mij geholpen. Ik blijf nu in hongerstaking tot overlijden of probleemoplossing anders spijtig voor mij omdat ik nooit heb bedreigd. Dat weet ik voor 100% zeker. Ik blijf doorgaan tot overlijden. Graag mij helpen. d.d. 18 oktober 2011. Als ik overlijd door de hongerstaking komt dat door de ggz en de aangite die niet waar is.Ik heb nooit iets gedaan.

    In de klacht dat ik hem dreigde, dr. Julie 26, 2009, met de vlag op deze datum heb ik af geworden voor de behandeling en Julie 26. Ook is zondag op het einde van de week, en de dreiging in de 31maart 2011 ,ik beb geen afspraak ,
    Hoe kan de bedreiging wordt door mij en ik heb ze niet zien, en sprak zonder een belangrijk of samen met anderen aan bewijs, gegenereerd als contactpersoon op de vingers van de hand een voor te bereiden, en ik ben een beetje te vaak uit het huis van de intensiteit van de angst

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  4. so many prisoners in prison and in the shu have no one to speak or fight for them. there voice falls on deaf ears. they’re assumed they are all guilty and deserve nothing, well i’v met alot of good co’s and i’ve met those those who have no business working there. when my son was in Salinas the well was contaminated and the prisoners were not given any water as soon as that happened my son called me to let me know what was going on, i instantly called all the newspapers up there and around San Bernardino and i put a call to the warden and the the one one in sacramento that handles salinas over the warden and they started bringing in bottled water espicially when you state that if your loved one suffers any ailment due to the prison with holding water or food they change there tune quickly.

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