Medical Conditions of Hunger Strikers Worsen: Take Action Now!

The medical conditions of the hunger strikers are rapidly deteriorating as the second wave of the strike has entered its third week.

Support the prisoners in winning their demands now! Call Governor Brown & urge him to intervene: (916) 445-2841

Sample Script:

“Hi my name is _________. I’m calling about the statewide prisoner hunger strike that resumed on Sept 26th. I support the prisoners & their reasonable “five core demands.” I am alarmed by the CDCR’s refusal to implement these demands and by your refusal to intervene as the hunger strikers’ medical conditions are rapidly deteriorating. I urge you to make sure the demands are implemented for all SHU-status prisoners in CA immediately and in good faith before anyone dies. I also urge you to lift the CDCR’s ban on lawyers from the prisoners’ mediation team, and ensure the CDCR ceases all retaliation on the hunger strikers. Thank you.”

3 thoughts on “Medical Conditions of Hunger Strikers Worsen: Take Action Now!

  1. I call the Governor every other day, but with all respects this won’t change his mind with phone calls from people he doesn’t know and doesn’t even see us. “Pretty please” has no political cost for him. He will give in when the cost is greater than not giving in. But by that time brave people may be dead. I urge you not to let them die. If need by, insead call for a state-wide Labor Strike asking all prisoners to withold their prison (slave) labor. Call this an escallation for CDC retaliations and for not mediating in good faith on the demands. If prisoners don’t work, not much gets done and costs the state money they desperately need for the big budget deficit. That’s one way to get the Governor’s attention with a political cost for him.

    • Sounds like a good idea.It would require a lot of solidarity from the prisoners that are not in Shu considering that we know how the CDRC will react,as usual by retaliating.The only way to win this is by escalating the fight.The price is high for them and for us who worry about our sons,brothers and husbands.

  2. Considering that the California Correctional Peace officers Association (CCPOA) spent $7 million dollars on last year’s election – including $2 million on Jerry Brown’s governor’s race – with whom do you think Gov. Brown’s allegiance lies? (Jack Dolan in the LA Times)

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