Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity released this press release today after two staff lawyers of the mediation team have been banned from contacting the hunger strikers.

We are currently appealing the ban to Governor Brown and will release the letter we have written his office on Monday.

We’re asking ALL supporters to pressure Governor Brown to ensure the CDCR implement the changes set forth in the prisoners’ five core demands and that the CDCR cease ALL retaliation on hunger strikers. Click here for phone numbers & a sample script.

7 thoughts on “CDCR Bans Lawyers: TAKE ACTION NOW!

  1. International examples have proven time and again that when prisoners are TREATED AS HUMAN BEINGS they can be rehabilitated and change their lives.

    The torture methods of the SHU have been entirely counterproductive; a waste of lives,
    a waste of money and a disgrace to the State of California.

    End this barbarity!

  2. “… the CDCR seizes ALL retaliation …” With all that must be done I really hate to pick up on grammer or mispelled words but should the word be “ceases” instead of “seizes”??? And, of course, I will appeal to Governor Brown to prevent discipline/punishment upon the hunger strikes. Thank you so much for all of your efforts.

  3. The audacity of CDC(R) to retaliate against supporters and lawyers is sickening. Do they really think the world will stop listening? Even the people who write hateful comments and show no humanity for inmates, would revolt if they really knew how much this cruel isolation costs them.

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