Strike Continues, Families Continue to Speak Out

At least 100 prisoners at Calipatria’s Adminstrative Segregation Unit (ASU) and 50-100 prisoners at Pelican Bay’s Security Housing Unit (SHU) resumed the hunger strike yesterday.  Supporters outside prison continue to battle with the CA Department of Corrections (CDCR) over access to necessary information.

Democracy Now! covered the strike in its headlines (strike coverage at 8:25), with live footage of a press conference supporters held in San Francisco at UC Hastings on Monday. Following yesterday’s conference, the Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal, with Hastings Prisoner Outreach, La Raza Law Students Association, Black Law Students Association and others organized a panel discussion featuring legal experts, activists, advocates and prisoner’s family members highlighting the prisoners’ conditions and reasons for their renewed strike.

Family members of prisoners in SHUs across CA continue to work tirelessly to make their loved ones’ voices heard, and to further the prisoners demands. At the legislative hearing in Sacramento on August 23rd, families spoke out at a press conference, rally & hearing on how their families have been impacted by their loved ones being locked up in solitary confinement. Many families traveled hundreds of miles to attend the hearing and stand up for their loved ones.

On Wednesday, Oct 5th, families & community members will converge in Sacramento again to pressure the CDCR to comply with the prisoners demands.

11 thoughts on “Strike Continues, Families Continue to Speak Out

  1. I just got word from my brother in Ironwood state prison in Blythe, California that inmates there are also participating in the hunger strike and they stand strong with all of the other strikers.

  2. Peace and Justice of La Luz, here in southern New Mexico wish they could be in Sacramento, but are with you all in spirit. Keep your heads held high and know that peacemakers are children of God.

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  4. Sista Soul is in solidarity with all who suffer under torturous conditions that we all pay for dearly, spiritually , morally and economically. Tune in to Sunday October 2 from 2-4. At about 2:30 I will speak with a mother who will have just visited her son at Pelican Bay, assuming they don’t do a lock down!
    In struggle and in peace
    Sista Soul

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  6. This is a personal issue for me as a wife of an inmate participating in the hunger strike and whose husband has served almost 16 years in the SHU at Pelican Bay. I understand that most people don’t care about these inmates, who they are, what they eat or even if they eat, however….people should care where their hard earned taxpaying money is going or being spent. Many of these inmates have not seen a sunrise or sunset in decades. As important as natural sunlight is to the human body, these men have been deprived of it under the restrictions of SHU terms. Inmates housed in the SHU have no human contact, but are subjected to such inhumane and torturous conditions such as “Potty Watches”. Tell me, if these inmates have no human contact other than with staff….how or why would they be subjected to something like “potty watch?” Many of these inmates have not had a visit in years because of the long distance drive for the families and the expense to do the drive period. Regarding the medical attention everyone states is better than hard working American citizens, do some research the best medical advice or treatment is take a Tylenol and hope for the best. There are so many reasons why people should identify and support this cause if not for the sake of stopping “torture” in the mighty US, be it because our country was founded on basic human rights for ALL including our prisoners. Don’t be fooled by misleading propaganda, do your own investigating and you will see that the truth has been set aside for years and it’s time for change. Take action and call your legislators, senators, the governor or anyone else that has power to implement change.

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  8. Speaking as a former inmate I have to say from personal experience that when in segregation inmates get treated like animals. When I was in segregation at C.C.I. in Tehachapi our heat was turned off in the middle of winter and all we had was one blanket, a couple of white tshirts, boxers and socks. According to the rules we were supposed to be supplied with two blankets and be allowed our thermal shirts and long johns. It was so cold when our tier had to shower first early in the morning in the middle of winter with the hot water turned off. After the shower I was returned to my cell where there was no heat. I remember one of the correction officers walking in with a digital thermometer where all his winter gear and stating that the tempurature was a little over 40 F. It was so cold it was hard to eat. After threatening the gaurds with forced cell extractions from all the inmates in our block we eventually got our thermals, and long johns, but it was already February and the coldest weather had already passed. Yes they are prisoners, like I was, but that doesn’t mean we can just forget about them. Remember, people can only take so much. If we choose to ignore the issue we not only put the prisoners health at risk, we put the lives of the correctional officers at risk as well. We should be happy that these so called “savages” are demonstrating peacefully instead of violently. A human being is a human being no matter if he/she wears a uniform or a prison jump suit. We are ALL on this Earth together people… this type of negligence only breeds hate and injustice.

  9. Thank God for this website and the media attention! I spent 10 years in California prisons on drug charges and witnessed prison guards staging wars to get paid time and a half while on lockdown so now I write novels about it and get prison art for book covers! It’s time to open eyes to injustice within our system! Can you put a link up for my novels? I get prison art for book covers and am an activist for redemption! 949 354 7176 Glenn Langohr God bless

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