TODAY: Hunger Strike Resumes, Hundreds Estimated to Join at Calipatria

Today, Prisoners at Pelican Bay’s Security Housing Unit (SHU) & Calipatria’s Administrative Segregation Unit (ASU) resume their hunger strike.

The strike this past July exposed the conditions and practices of Pelican Bay’s SHU. Referring to the first round of the hunger strike, Mutope Duguma (aka, James Crawford), a strike representative in Pelican Bay’s SHU writes, “This is far from over and once again, hopefully for the last time, we will be risking our lives via a peaceful hunger strike on Sept 26, 2011 to force positive changes. For 21 1/2 years we have been quietly held in Pelican Bay State Prison solitary confinement under some of the most horrible conditions known to man. So we continue to struggle to be treated like decent human beings.”

Now over 100 hunger strikers at Calipatria State Prison, in solidarity with the hunger strikers at Pelican Bay, are risking their lives to expose the conditions of the ASU at Calipatria. According to Calipatria ASU prisoners, roughly 80% of the prisoners in the ASU  have been given indefinite SHU terms, and are placed in this isolation unit to await transfer to one of California’s three other SHU’s for men, namely Pelican Bay. Most of the prisoners currently in Calipatria’s ASU have been waiting transfer for 3-4 years.

ASU prisoners at Calipatria have also reported that prison officials have not been implementing the changes addressed by the five core demands written by the hunger strikers at Pelican Bay even though the demands refer to all SHU-status prisoners throughout CA, not just at Pelican Bay. The prisoners at Calipatria are furthering the struggle to stop the torture and mistreatment of SHU prisoners by insisting the five core demands be effectively implemented for all SHU-status prisoners no matter what prison they are located in. Since many of the programs and privileges for prisoners varies from prison to prison, Calipatria hunger strikers have amended Demand #5 to include TV & radios as well as P.I.A soft shoes, privileges not already in place at Calipatria’s ASU.

In preparation for the hunger strike, Calipatria ASU prisoners have sent in medical requests for liquids while on strike, after having been denied liquids during the first round of the hunger strike in July. ASU Prisoners have also prepared by sending Calipatria’s warden their five core demands with their amendment to the 5th demand. According to letters from Calipatria ASU hunger strike participants, who prefer to remain unnamed, the strike is “a peaceful protest against CDCR’s inhumane solitary confinement and their insufficient and abusive [gang] validation process.”

6 thoughts on “TODAY: Hunger Strike Resumes, Hundreds Estimated to Join at Calipatria

  1. A little bit of the East Coast up herein Buffalo, NY, is with you in solidarity. As we did in July, a small group of us formed a chain-fast and each will fast at least one day a week. We started yesterday with a prominent local activist, Karima Amin, fasting for the day. She is founder of I was on death row a long time ago, did 32 years altogether — I will always remember where I came from, my roots in consciousness and struggle — and we out here salute you and join our struggle to yours. Stay strong, stay united. For justice and peace.

  2. Peace and Justice of La Luz, here in southern New Mexico support the strike. Keep your heads held high and know we are with you.

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  4. Prison’s are for people to to their time. This does not mean that they need to be broken down,(even tried) treated like dogs. I say to all prisoner’s “YOU’RE IN OUR PRAYER’S” To ALL Inmates in “The SHU” STAY STRONG. My brother’s at Corcoran Prison in the SHU. Love you

  5. i will be praying for the request of our men to be answered, to all prisoners we belive in your cause !!!! i to will give in to some days of fasting along with pray !! GOD BLESS our men !

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