Hunger Strike Resumes in One Week!

Prisoners in the Pelican Bay Security Housing Unit (SHU) will resume their hunger strike against torturous conditions of imprisonment next Monday, Sept. 26th 2011. Read Tortured SHU Prisoners Speak Out: The Struggle Continues for more details on why they are resuming the strike.

According to family members, prisoners at Calipatria State Prison will also resume the hunger strike on Sept. 26th in solidarity with the prisoners at Pelican Bay and also to expose the brutal conditions they are in at Calipatria, where hundreds of prisoners are labeled as gang members, validated and held in administrative segregation (AdSeg) units, waiting 3-4 years to be transferred to the Pelican Bay SHU indefinitely.

The Calipatria hunger strikers have a similar, separate list of demands from the strikers at Pelican Bay, including abolish the defriefing policy & modify active/inactive gang criteria and expanding canteen/package items & programs/privileges for validated/SHU status prisoners (such as art supplies, proctored exams for correspondence courses, P.I.A. soft shoes, yearly phone calls & two annual packages).

7 thoughts on “Hunger Strike Resumes in One Week!

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    the hunger strike has provoked CDC to do things like take away visits and personal affects like TVs.
    Sweatsuits mailed to prisoners have NOT been handed out and are being withheld as more retaliatory punishment to prisoners.
    Mathew Cate and Scott Kernan REFUSE to communicate with prisoners’ lawyers and will not play in a manner that notes any human concern, They have LIED to the prisoners and are DEMANDING the prisoners give up all demands. they are REFUSING to honor anything they have promised the prisoners and are telling them one thing while telling the public something else entirely.
    The Prisoners are tired of being lied to and will ONLY communicate to the Governor
    IF YOU: have any compassion and heart at all, you will take ALL EFFORTS to communicate to Governor Brown and, like the prisoners, not waste your time with the CDC heads. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE… DEMAND CATE AND KERNAN BE FIRED!!! and take on no replacement other than compassionate players.

  7. Everyone is entilted to their opinion good or bad. My hope is that everyone who stops to read these blogs or comments will do their own investigating or research into matters concerning SHU policy. No one is asking for these inmates to be pardoned or released from jail, to the contrary we are simply asking for their rights as prisoners in the US be honored. If you beleive that prisoners have no rights or are not entitled to anything, perhaps you should consider living in a country that the foundations of its very existence does not revolve around human rights for ALL people including prisoners. These prisonsers are using the only tool they have available to them to make their voices be heard and that tool is risk their lives in participating in this hunger strike. Don’t be fooled into believing that these inmates could use the 602 process because as you research you will find that in prior years many 602’s never leave the prisons. In fact, they are rejected before being reviewed or the inmates suffer retaliation for filing them. So in essence this hunger strike is a last resort. Just think about these few things before wondering why you should get involved: if these prisoners have no human contact why would they be subjected to “potty watches”? If these inmates received any contraband how would it get to them if they don’t have human contact with others except prison staff? If these prisoners are so violent why were they never charged with other crimes or given more time for the offense? These prisoners are ploys that the largest union in the state of California (Prison Union) use to create job security. It cost us tax payers double the amount to house a SHU inmate versus one in general population. I refuse to sit back and watch this union rape is year after year in tax paying dollars to house a human being for 20 years in solitary confinement over a tatto or non violent act. Every voice will be heard whether it be an inmate, family member or wife. This kind of treatment is unacceptable and we demand change today. If you feel compelled to make these changes happen call, write and email the governor of California and every representative you can think of that has the power to enforce the changes.
    Judging someone does not define who THEY are but defines who you are!

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