Take Action: Statewide Mobilization and Legislative Hearing in Sacramento

Tuesday August 23rd, Statewide Mobilization to Sacramento: Day of Action to Support the Hunger Strike & 5 Core Demands!

(Please note the location change to South Steps)

Family and community members across the West Coast will mobilize to Sacramento for a rally and legislative hearing at the State Assembly. Rally starts at 11:30 am on the South Steps of the State Assembly Building. Hearing starts at 1:30 pm, room to be announced. Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity coalition urges everyone concerned about the torturous conditions in California’s prisons to attend this hearing (more ways to support). For more information, email prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity@gmail.com. For carpools from Bay Area, meet at West Oakland BART station at 10am. For more support with transportation (from the Bay Area) call 415.637.8195; (from Southern California) 714-290-9077 or email prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity@gmail.com.

3 thoughts on “Take Action: Statewide Mobilization and Legislative Hearing in Sacramento

  1. Remember there are solutions but one must remain to civil and courteous to be heard and taken seriously. Demonstrations have rules too and if you want the DOC to change, you must present your issues in a most professional manner with clarity and proposed solutions that are realistic and without timelines. This will bring your ideas to the table rather than being opposed instantly.

    • Timelines are useful when done realistically. Reality has timelines. People are in prison for periods of real time. Our success was partially because when people are fasting there are real timelines. People were going to die at a certain point, if the CDCR didn’t start negotiating, because an indefinite fast has real and natural timelines.

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