Media Tour of Pelican Bay

On Wednesday, August 17th, a dozen or so reporters were given unprecedented access to the Secure Housing Unit (SHU) at Pelican Bay. Given that there was a near media blackout by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation while the prisoners were actively on hunger strike, this is a testimony to the pressure that’s being placed on CDCR. The tour, coming in advance of the legislative hearing in Sacramento on August 23rd, was also a chance for CDCR to do some damage control in terms of its image.

Some coverage generated by the tour are listed below:

Inside Pelican Bay State Prison’s ‘Secure Housing Unit’: KPCC with Julie Small

Prison Officials Say Conditions Will Improve, Inmates Ready to Strike Again: KQED with Michael Montgomery

To read first-hand information from prisoners about what it’s like to be housed in the SHU, please visit our Voices From Inside Page.

One thought on “Media Tour of Pelican Bay

  1. this media tour was a joke.. the reporters were only allowed to speak to prisoners who were already debriefed or in the debriefing process and not at all allowed to speak to short corridor SHU inmates. ( this is first hand fro ma SHU inmate)

    once again they CDC played a sneaky hand to undermine the efforts for humanity

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