Support Still Needed!

The message from Hunger Striking prisoners across California this week is clear:  Support from people on the outside is more important than ever.

As reported earlier today, mediators from Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity’s Mediation team spoke with  hunger strike leaders at Pelican Bay and confirmed the leaders have accepted an offer from the CDCR.

At the same time, hunger strikers in other prisons continue to refuse food  — in at least CCI Tehachapi, Corcoran and Calipatria. It is unclear how long they will continue, if they are aware of the agreement or even believe anything the CDCR claims given their history of deliberate misinformation campaigns.

What is clear is that any and all actions planned in support of the Hunger Strike and the prisoner’s demands needs to go forward as planned.  We need to exert even greater pressure on the Governor’s office to force him to recognize the victories declared by leaders at Pelican Bay, the continuation of strikes throughout the system, and the need to implement real, measurable improvements to conditions as soon as possible.

Please check back here for updated information about specific demands.  As family members and attorneys get ready for a full slate of weekend visits, we will share updates as we have them.

6 thoughts on “Support Still Needed!

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  2. This is a sad reality of the world we live in. We have to result to starving ourselves and possibly death in order for our voices to be heard… Everyone please get involved, show your support, sign the petitions, make calls, whatever it takes we can not sit back and allow this.

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  5. i wonder if anyone can help me my partner is one of the men at pelican bay prison on hunger strike i have heard nothing from him in 3wks please what is the situation there im in England

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